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Advanced stats from the World Cup: find out who was the best player on iso, and more

MIES (Switzerland) - The Naismith Trophy has been lifted, the medals presented, the champagne bottles emptied.

Germany, for the first time, are champions of the world. Gordie Herbert's team, led by tournament MVP Dennis Schroder, not only survived but thrived in First and Second Round groups of death at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, and then edged Latvia, USA and Serbia to win the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.

The 19th edition of FIBA's flagship event was among the most competitive ever, one that saw Serbia finish second and Canada third. The Canadians had a top-three finish for the first time in a World Cup or Olympics.

The AutoStats Data Report by Stats Perform is a good indicator of how the leading teams excelled.

Schroder a master-class with ball screens to fuel German scoring

Germany averaged 1.448 team points per possession on ball screens when Dennis Schroder was the ball handler, the highest rate in the tournament for players with 65+ on-ball screens. One of the revelations of the World Cup, Latvia's Arturs Zagars, was No. 2 while Canada's Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Serbia's Bogdan Bogdanovic were third and fourth, respectively.

Top 5 points per possession on ball screens (min 65 on-ball screens):

Player Team Points/Possession
Dennis Schroder 1.448
Arturs Zagars  1.434
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  1.425
Bogdan Bogdanovic  1.358
Carlik Jones  1.329

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Serbia, like a well-oiled machine, had the most efficient offense

The Germany v Serbia Final was a clash of two efficient offenses that play at very different paces. Serbia averaged 1.219 points per possession in the tournament (third best) and Germany averaged 1.218 (fourth best), but 12.8 percent of Serbia’s possessions came in transition (third highest) while Germany was only at 8.3 percent (27th).

 Team Team Points/Possession
Canada  1.273
Latvia  1.227
Serbia  1.219
Germany  1.218
United States  1.212
Lithuania  1.179
Australia  1.15
Slovenia  1.123
Spain  1.121
South Sudan  1.116
Finland  1.101
Puerto Rico  1.089
France  1.082
Brazil  1.081
Greece  1.07
Japan  1.061
Lebanon  1.053
Dominican Republic  1.052
New Zealand  1.047
Italy  1.043
Egypt  1.038
Mexico  1.019
Montenegro  1.015
China  0.992
Ivory Coast  0.974
Philippines  0.972
Angola  0.971
Georgia  0.967
Venezuela  0.962
Cape Verde  0.931
Jordan  0.906
Iran  0.881

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 "Set me a ball screen, and I'll score"

Runners-up Serbia and Quarter-Finalists Italy relied heavily on Bogdan Bogdanovic and Simone Fontecchio, respectively, which is why the players often had off ball screens set for them. Bogdanovic, who averaged 19.1 points and 4.6 assists,  had 135 off ball screens set for him in the World Cup, by far the highest number in the tournament, while Fontecchio (above) had the second most set. Fontecchio averaged 18.0 points and 1.8 assists.

Off ball Screens set for player:

 Player Screens set
Bogdan Bogdanovic  135
Simone Fontecchio  84
Behnam Yakhchalidehkordi  83

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USA passed on passing yet ranked No. 1 in scoring

Making the extra pass is supposed to lead to better shots. But when the USA are concerned, think again! Anthony Edwards and Austin Reaves could pass, certainly, but they also have the ability to put the ball on the deck, drive and dunk, or hit pull-up jumpers on fast breaks. The USA averaged only 114.1 passes (including only front-court, non-out-of-bounds passes) per game, the lowest among all teams. Spain averaged a tournament-high 212.4 passes. Yet the USA had the highest-scoring team at the World Cup, averaging 104.5 points, while Spain were tied at No. 11 with New Zealand at 85.8 points per game.

  Average passes per game
Spain 212.4
Italy  202
Iran  186.8
Finland  172.6
Venezuela  167.4
Mexico  162
Dominican Republic  162
Latvia  161.3
Lebanon  155.8
Ivory Coast  155.6
Serbia  155
China  154
France  150.4
Angola  150.4
Greece  150
Lithuania  143.5
Brazil  143.4
Puerto Rico  141.4
Montenegro  141.2
Australia  140.2
New Zealand  136
Jordan  135
Slovenia  134.6
Georgia  134.6
Germany  134.3
Canada  128.5
Japan  125
Cape Verde  124.4
South Sudan  123.4
Egypt  121.8
Philippines  118.4
United States  114.1

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When Dennis the Menace got downhill, Germany profited

Germany averaged 1.625 points per possession on Schroder drives in the tournament, the highest rate among players with 25+ drives. Bogdan Bogdanovic ranked second, at 1.575. Josh Giddey, the winner of the FIBA World Cup Rising Star award, was also prolific with his drives and Australia benefited, as seen below.

Team points per possession on drives:

Player Team Points/Possession Rank
Dennis Schroder  1.625 1
Bogdan Bogdanovic  1.575 2
Jean Montero  1.556 3
Carlik Jones  1.547 4
Josh Giddey  1.511 5
Anthony Edwards  1.261 17
Shai Gilgeous Alexander 1.258 21
Luka Doncic 1.247 23

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Give Luka the ball and watch him go!

Only 49.3 percent of Luka Doncic's ball touches ended with a pass, the lowest percentage among players with 300+ touches. 63.6 percent of touches among all players in the tournament resulted in passes. Of Luka's passes, 29.7 percent resulted in shots, the highest rate in the tournament among players with 100+ passes

Bottom 5 percentage of touches ending with passes (min 300 ball touches):

  Touch ending with Pass % 
Luka Doncic  49.30%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson  57.50%
Bogdan Bogdanovic  57.90%
Tremont Waters  59.00%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  59.60%

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When the opponent knows you're shooting the rock

Opponents knew that leaving Luka Doncic open is never a good idea. That's why a whopping 92.5 percent of of his jumpers were contested at the World Cup - the highest rate at the event among players who attempted at least 20 jumpers. 

Top 10 percentage of jumpers contested (min 20 jumpers):

  Jumpers contested
Luka Doncic  92.50 percent
Carlik Jones  87.50 percent
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson  85.10 percent
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  83.30 percent
Ehab Amin  82.00 percent
Shea Ili  81.50 percent
Dennis Schroder  80.00 percent
Jordan Clarkson  79.70 percent
Nikola Ivanovic  78.60 percent
Karl-Anthony Towns  78.40 percent

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Shai makes 'em pay on the dribble handoff

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander averaged .55 points per touch that originated from a dribble handoff, which was first among players who received at least 30 dribble handoffs. And he looked good doing it, too. Shai was poetry in motion.

Top 5 points per touch originated from dribble handoffs (min 30 dribble handoffs):

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  0.55
Luka Doncic  0.37
Thomas Walkup  0.36
Dennis Schroder  0.31
Marko Guduric  0.3

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Profiting from the Iso

Germany averaged 1.77 points per possession on possessions with a Dennis Schroder iso, the highest rate in the tournament among players with 15+ isos. Individually Schroder averaged .83 points/iso, which ranked seventh. Karl Anthony-Towns (above) of the Dominican Republic was No. 1.

Top 10 player points per Iso (min 15 iso):

  Player Points/Iso Rank
Karl-Anthony Towns  0.962 1
Bogdan Bogdanovic  0.917 2
Stefano Tonut  0.889 3
Wael Arakji  0.880 4
Jalen Brunson  0.870 5
Anthony Edwards  0.833 5
Dennis Schroder  0.829 6
Luka Doncic  0.701 18
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  0.521 23

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Top 10 team points per player Iso (min 15 iso):

  Team Points/Possesion Rank
Dennis Schroder  1.771 1
Austin Reaves  1.733 2
RJ Barrett  1.522 3
Bogdan Bogdanovic  1.5 4
Stefano Tonut  1.5 4
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  1.284 17
Anthony Edwards  1.25 20
Luka Doncic  1.127 25

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USA guarded the perimeter

USA were criticized for not playing great defense after a few World Cup defeats. They gave up 110 points to Lithuania at the end of the Second Round, 113 points to Germany in the Semi-Final and 127 points to Canada in the Third-Place Game (which went to overtime). Yet the Americans were not just standing still with their hands in their pockets. They contested 64.5 percent of the jumpers they faced in the tournament, the highest rate at the World Cup. Serbia, who reached the Final, ranked 24th after contesting just 50.5 percent of the jumpers they faced. 

  Jumpers Contested 
United States  64.5 percent
Lithuania  63.9 percent
Germany  62.1 percent
Dominican Republic  61.5 percent
Canada  60.7 percent
France  60.1 percent
Latvia  59.5 percent
Egypt  58.7 percent
Venezuela  58.6 percent
Finland  57.9 percent
Greece  56.4 percent
Australia  55.7 percent
Spain  55.3 percent
Georgia  54.8 percent
Puerto Rico  54.8 percent
Italy  54.5 percent
Brazil  54.2 percent
Montenegro  53.7 percent
New Zealand  52.9 percent
Philippines  52 percent
Mexico  51.9 percent
Angola  51.3 percent
Jordan  51.2 percent
Serbia  50.5 percent
China  49.5 percent
Iran  48.1 percent
Cape Verde  47.3 percent
Slovenia  47.2 percent
Ivory Coast  46.9 percent
Japan  45.8 percent
Lebanon  43.6 percent
South Sudan  38.5 percent

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