22 November, 2021
28 February, 2023
1 Bobby Ray Parks (PHI), 4 Kiefer Ravena (PHI)
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LISTED: Spectacular numbers from Gilas' win in Philippine Arena

MANILA (Philippines) - There was already a lot to be excited about for the Philippines' first game in Window 6.

This was going to be their first game playing in the Philippine Arena in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asian Qualifiers, before the venue would serve as the battle grounds for the Final Phase of the World Cup later this year.
This was expected to be the first game for local legend Justin Brownlee, who had played in - and won - many championships in this exact arena.
This was a rematch against Lebanon, who had defeated the Jordan Clarkson-led Gilas squad in Lebanon 6 months ago.

Even with all of the hype leading towards to clash, the Philippines performance in this game managed to exceed the expectations set to the joy of the fans in attendance.


Here we take a look at some of the amazing numbers from the victory.

Tied for most three-pointers made in a game in World Cup 2023 Asian Qualifiers


It took only a bit more than 24 hours for another team to match the total of most three-pointers made (17) in a World Cup 2023 Asian Qualifiers game after Japan and it was the Philippines who made Lebanon pay for not having their hands up. This is a number that has been reached three times already by Kazakhstan (vs Bahrain, 27 February 2022), Australia (vs Japan, 1 July 2022), and Japan (vs Iran, 23 February 2023). Could Gilas out do themselves in the final game against Jordan?

Most three-pointers made in a game by the Philippines in a World Cup Qualifiers game



While they are certainly capable (as evident), the Philippines aren't known for being an outstanding three-point shooting team. Fans might have to reconsider that after watching their shooting performance against the Cedars. The Philippines had never made as many threes in any Asian Qualifiers game before, with the most being 15 made triples against Qatar back in 2019.

Most points scored in a game by the Philippines in a World Cup Qualifiers game



The Philippines can have some explosive games with the personnel they have on offense. And that's exactly what happened here as they went off for the most points Gilas has ever scored in an Asian Qualifiers game. Moreover, it's also the first game in the Asian Qualifiers that the Philippines have scored over 100 points.

Most assists by the Philippines in a World Cup Qualifiers game



High-scoring games are a result of a team making many baskets (duh) which is also a result of good ball movement. The Philippines were certainly in sync with each other in this game as they walked away with 31 dimes - the most recorded by a Philippines team in an Asian Qualifiers game. Considering that they made 40 field goals, that's pretty impressive.

Players who made at least one three-point field goal



It's always fun when a player like Klay Thompson goes off for 12 three-pointers on his own (as he did against the Rockets), but it's just as entertaining when everyone gets in on the action. In this game, 9 Philippines players helped add up the tally towards their record-tying total including June Mar Fajardo, the 2.08M (6'10") center! Japan also had the same number of players (9) with at least one three-pointer made in their record-tying performance.

Consecutive wins by Lebanon in Asian Qualifiers before losing to the Philippines


Days since Lebanon had lost in the Asian Qualifiers before losing to the Philippines


Lebanon were one of the hottest teams throughout the 2022 calendar year. They had won 7 straight Asian Qualifiers games and had won 12 of their last 14 games in major FIBA events last year. That win streak is now snapped with the loss to the Philippines with their most recent Qualifiers loss coming at the hands of Jordan exactly one year prior on 24 February 2022.

Number of Global Ambassadors for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 in attendance


Earlier in the day, Carmelo Anthony was officially announced as Global Ambassador for the upcoming World Cup and immediately got in on the action by watching the game between the Philippines and Lebanon with a courtside view. The players were sure to let Melo know they were aware of his presence, as they honored him with some "Three to the Dome" celebrations after a made three-pointer.

We see you, Ray Parks Jr.


And you, Karim Zeinoun.