22 November, 2021
28 February, 2023
6 Ailun Guo (CHN)
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Familiar stars and new names stack up preliminary rosters for Asian Qualifiers teams

BEIRUT (Lebanon) - The preliminary rosters are in for the teams competing in the first window of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asian Qualifiers which will be played from November 26-29.

Go check out if your favorite players are on the shortlist with an opportunity to represent the country for the upcoming games!

Saudi Arabia

The majority of the teams that will be in action have listed names that fans are familiar from the Asia Cup Qualifiers whether it’s the likes of Brandon Jawato, Hamed Haddadi, Freddy Ibrahim, Zhou Qi, and Yuki Togashi.

This is expected as these games ahead are the first major steps towards the status of desired FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 qualification. As has been witnessed in the past, a single win or loss could make all the difference in whether a team qualifies… or not.

However, it’s not only the familiar faces that fans can expect to see during this first window.

There are also a few interesting names lined up in these preliminary rosters, those who could potentially have an impact in this phase.

Make sure to check out guys like China’s Qi Lin, Japan’s Matthew Aquino, Jordan’s Hashem Abbas, Lebanon’s Omar Jamaleddine, or Syria’s David Hermes will make the final cut and see the floor.