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22 November, 2021
28 February, 2023
11 Eloy Vargas (DOM)
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Everything to know about FIBA World Cup 2023 Americas Qualifiers First Window

MIAMI (United States) - Starting on November 26, 16 teams from the Caribbean, North America, Central America and South America will battle for the right to qualify for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Before jumping into one of the premier events of the international basketball landscape, all four groups (and all 16 countries) will play two games from November 26 to November 28 as part of the first window of the FIBA Basketball World Cup Americas Qualifiers.

Here are all the questions and things you need to know before the first window tips off.

What teams are in which group?

As mentioned above, there are four groups — Group A, B, C and D — that are made up of four teams each.

Group A: Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and Paraguay
Group B: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile
Group C: Canada, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands and the Bahamas
Group D: USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba

Each team will play 12 total games in qualifying, but only two apiece to start during the first window.

Where is the first window being played?

Group’s A and B will play eight combined games on Friday, November 26 and Saturday, November 27 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group C will play four total games on Sunday, November 28 and Monday, November 29 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Finally, Group D will also play four total games on Sunday, November 28 and Monday, November 29 in Chihuahua City, Mexico.

Obviously, these locations may represent an edge for Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Mexico in certain matchups, given that all three clubs have “home-court advantage.”

How to ultimately qualify for the 2023 World Cup?

While the landscape of each group will be far from decided after the first window, it’s important to touch on the main goal for every club: qualifying for the World Cup.

There will be six total tournament windows — starting with window one on November 26 — that span across 15 months.

Ultimately, seven countries from the Americas will earn a spot in the 2023 FIBA World Cup when the qualifiers conclude in February 2023.

Who are the favorites, and who can stop the party?

As we dive into our first set of games, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States are the frontrunners in their respective groups. But that doesn’t mean competition will be few and far between.

In fact, it means the opposite. Teams like Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, the DR, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Mexico are all capable of upsets and/or shocking the landscape of their groups.

There are many countries that are looking for potential glory, including the Bahamas (who have never taken part in a World Cup), Chile (chasing their first World Cup appearance since 1959) and the Virgin Islands (hoping to reach their first World Cup ever).

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