12 - 24
July 2022

Istora Senayan GBK

Gelora Bung Karno Sports Palace (Indonesian: Istana Olahraga Gelora Bung Karno), or famously & better known as ISTORA.

Located in the heart of the Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, Senayan, Jakarta – Indonesia.

Istora Arena is a historic indoor sporting arena which was first used for the Thomas Cup Badminton in 1961.

ISTORA is a multi-function space with capacity of 10.000 when it was first built in 1961. The was renovated in 2008 and seats up to 9.500 up til year 2016. And by 2018 it was again restored and now has 7.166 seating capacity, additional seating is extended for various sports event to a maximum of 8.000 seats.

Istora is mostly used for Badminton, Basketball and Music Concerts.

Fully equipped with CCTV 7K with crowd management feature with all the basic essentials for a high-grade arena.