08 - 20
August 2017
The Official Logo of the FIBA Asia Cup 2017
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FIBA Asia Cup 2017 logo and mascot unveiled

BEIRUT, Lebanon (FIBA Asia Cup 2017) – The official FIBA Asia Cup 2017 logo and mascot were revealed to the public during Tuesday's Official Draw Ceremony on Tuesday.

The logo draws inspiration from the Lebanese flag flapping in the wind like the wings of the phoenix, with its red stripes morphing into the shape of a ball, letting the cup rise in its heart.

The Official Logo & Mascot of FIBA Asia Cup 2017

Also making its appearance for the first time was the official mascot of the tournament, Ox The Fox who symbolizes great team spirit and is quick, agile and smart - three essential qualities for any basketball player.  

The FIBA Asia Cup 2017 will take place in Lebanon from 8-20 August 2017.

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