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June 2017
6 Yi-hsiang Chou (TPE)
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Chou Yi-Hsiang cannot wait for Chinese Taipei to face Australia and New Zealand

TAIPEI (FIBA Asia Cup 2017) - Chou Yi-Hsiang has been described as the future ace of Chinese Taipei, and he cannot wait to lead them as they plunge into action at the EABA Championship 2017 and the FIBA Asia Cup 2017.

Chou has been Taipei's most prolific player both in their local pro league and in the national team for the past couple of years. He has been so good that he has been called Taipei's version of LeBron James. However, he is not the type to dwell on such comparisons.

"I don't think about that too much," he said. "Although it's honorable to be compared to an NBA player, I would still like to be known for my own achievements."

Chou will have his chance to prove if he is, indeed, worthy of that accolade this week when he leads Taipei in the EABA Championship in Nagano, Japan.

 Chinese Taipei 10-player roster for EABA Championship 2017
 Chiang Yu-An  Chou Po-Chen Chou Po-Hsun   Chou Yi-Hsiang
 Quincy Davis  Hu Long-Mao  Lin Chih-Wei  Liu Cheng
 Tsai Wen-Cheng  Wu Tai-Hao    

The EABA Championship 2017 is the sub-zone's qualifying tournament for the FIBA Asia Cup 2017 that will be held in Beirut, Lebanon. Chinese Taipei are grouped with China and Hong Kong, while Japan, Korea and Macau are in the other group. The top five teams in the competition book tickets to the FIBA Asia Cup.

Given the age of Taipei's roster, Chou will be among the most seasoned international campaigners after having already played in the FIBA Asia Cup 2014 and FIBA Asia Challenge 2016.

While he recognizes the strength of the teams in his EABA Championship group, he is also confident they will move forward and eventually face the powerhouses from Oceania in August.

"I have played Hong Kong before, but they are much stronger now, and not to mention China is always strong," he said. "We will have to respect every opponent."

"Actually, I cannot wait to meet teams from Oceania like Australia or New Zealand because it is a different challenge."Chou Yi-HsiangChou Yi-Hsiang

Chinese Taipei on Tuesday were drawn into Group D of the FIBA Asia Cup 2017 along with Japan, Hong Kong and Australia

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Chou knows that many of the icons of Taipei basketball have already given way for his generation to take over, and while he knows it will be an uphill climb to be among Asia's elite, he is confident in his and his teammates' abilities.

"It's a new group for Taipei," he explained. "It will certainly be more difficult for us; however, I expect to be stronger as I meet stronger players, too. For me, it’s not a bad thing."