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September 2017
3 Ratdech Kruatiwa (THA)
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Kruatiwa believes his experience benefits Mono Vampire

CHENZHOU (FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017) - Ratdech Kruatiwa has been representing Thailand for quite some time now, and he serves as one of the veteran voices in Mono Vampire's campaign in Chenzhou.

For quite some time, Kruatiwa was a fixture for the Thai national squad, serving as one of their steady perimeter options. He is known as one of the country's sharp-shooters, proving it in the SEA Games 2017 and in a couple of games here for Mono Vampire.

Its a last arrow for SEA GAMES 3rd for this time Cr @kukthew

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His real worth, however, lies in the his vast experience. He is one of the most seasoned campaigners for Mono Vampire, and more than helping the club win, he is here to aid in the development of their rising stars, most notably guys like Sorot Sunthonsiri and Teerawat Chanthachon.

He talked about his role on the team with FIBA.basketball.

How does it feel to be the veteran on the team?
I think my experience is a benefit to the team because I can share what I have learned to the young players. This is the first time to play at this stage for some of our newbies, so this is a big step for the club.

How do you feel about the performances of your imports Jason Brickman and Mike Singletary?
Both of them have played with the club for a while, so we can talk and adjust everything to give every game our best. That is the most important thing.

How do you like your chances in the Quarter-Finals?
For this tournament, every game is not easy, but we just have to do our best. At least, we never let our opponents feel that we are happy just to be here. We play to win every game, too.

🇹🇭Mono Vampire win it in OT! a thrilling 102-100 win over Sarreyyet Ramallah! #FIBAAsiaCC

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What does playing in this tournament mean for Mono Vampire and Thai basketball?
This is important to both the club and Thailand. The experience here is valuable because we can learn from our mistakes and how to play against guys who are more experienced than us. Our club really wants to help develop Thai basketball, so the chance to play in competitions like this will always get support if we are invited.