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September 2016
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Top 5 Players at the FIBA Asia Challenge 2016 Quarter-Finals

TEHRAN (FIBA Asia Challenge 2016) - The Quarter-Finals of the FIBA Asia Challenge 2016 in Tehran, Iran came and went, with Korea and three West Asia teams — Iraq, Iran and Jordan — prevailing and advancing to the next round.

FIBA.com presents the Top 5 performers from Friday’s knockout affairs in Tehran.

Kevin Galloway
Not surprisingly, Iraq’s prized naturalized player performed splendidly. Galloway tore China’s defense to shreds with his trademark aggressive play and ended up with 26 points. He also did his job on the boards with 13 rebounds while also displaying good playmaking with 8 assists. He will try to lead Iraq in their payback efforts against Korea tomorrow.

Hamed Haddadi
After coasting through Iran’s first three games, Haddadi has really flipped the switch and raised his game a notch in Team Melli’s last three contests. His 17-point, 23-rebound effort today against India further underscored his dominance, and if that’s any indication of how he’ll continue to play in this tournament, then the other four Semi-Finalists better watch out.

Kim JongKyu
Ever since debuting for the men’s team in 2011, JongKyu has been playing in the shadow of his more illustrious teammates, but, at least for this day, he was the one who shone the brightest. His performance against Chinese Taipei was his best yet in this tournament — 22 points, 8 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block to go along with 7-of-11 field goal shooting — and if he can approximate that in their next outing, Korea may just be able to beat Iraq.

Oshin Sahakian
Sahakian doesn’t often register as one of Iran’s leading scorers, but he was extra potent on offense in their triumph over India today. Sahakian scored 16 points in just 18 minutes in an impressive display of efficiency. He also grabbed 6 boards and had 2 assists for the hosts, who remain the favorites to win it all.

Dar Tucker
Tucker didn’t shoot particularly well in their win over Japan — only 46% field goal accuracy — but he still managed to tally 33 points by aggressively attacking the defense. This was his third straight 30+ point scoring affair, but he will have to work extra hard tomorrow against the vaunted defense of defending champions Iran.