23 September, 2015
03 October

Competition system

Group phase (16 teams, 7 days)

Day 1 to 3: the first round of the tournament will be played in a round robin format, with the sixteen (16) teams divided into four (4) groups of four (4) teams. Every team will take on its three (3) opponents in its respective group.
The top three (3) teams from each group advance to the second phase. Others will play Classification Games 13-16 (on Day 5 and 6).

Day 4: rest day

Day 5 to 7: for the secound round, the twelve (12) remaining teams will be divided into two (2) groups of six (6). Each team will play against the three (3) new teams in its group.
The top four (4) teams from each group advance to the Quarter-Finals. Others play Classification Games 9-12.

Day 8: rest day.

Final phase (day 9 to 11)

The tournament will be played in a knockout format from the Quarter-Finals onwards.

Day 9: Quarter-Finals and Classification Games 9-12

Day 10: Semi-Finals and Classification Games 11-12, 9-10 and 5-8

Day 11: Final, Third-Place Game and Classification Games 7-8 and 5-6.