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25 February, 2025
28 Ismael Romero (PUR)
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BCL Americas players who competed during Window 1 of the AmeriCup Qualifiers

MIAMI (United States) – A total of 29 players belonging to teams participating in Season 5 of Basketball Champions League Americas took part in the first window of the 2025 AmeriCup Qualifiers and represented their countries.

Three of them, Tony Bishop Jr. (Panama), Josué Erazo (Puerto Rico) and Paul Stoll (Mexico) didn’t play during the BCL Americas Group Stage but are registered to reinforce different teams ahead of the Quarterfinals, to be played March 4-11.



Meanwhile, Venezuela was the nation had the most BCLA players in their AmeriCup Qualifiers roster, with 6. They were followed by Nicaragua (5), and Mexico and Brazil (4 apiece).

The Basketball Champions League Americas club who had the most players representing their national teams was Real Estelí, with 9. Halcones de Xalapa had 6 and Gladiadores de Anzoátegui 5.

This is the complete list of players from BCL Americas clubs:

Country Player Team
Brazil Marcio Santos SESI Franca
Brazil Lucas Dias SESI Franca
Brazil Paulo Barbosa SESI Franca
Brazil Gabriel Galvanini Flamengo
Chile Felipe Inyaco Obras
Chile Sebastián Carrasco UdeC
Dominican Republic Jhonatan Arújo Gladiadores de Anzoátegui
Dominican Republic Jassel Pérez Real Estelí
Mexico Fabián Jaimes Halcones de Xalapa
Mexico Gabriel Girón Halcones de Xalapa
Mexico Israel Gutiérrez Halcones de Xalapa
Mexico Paul Stoll Halcones de Xalapa
Nicaragua Josmel Martínez Real Estelí
Nicaragua Jared Ruiz Real Estelí
Nicaragua Andy Pérez Real Estelí
Nicaragua Francisco Garth Real Estelí
Nicaragua Jensen campbell Real Estelí
Panama Tony Bishop Jr. Real Estelí 
Puerto Rico Ismael Romero Real Estelí 
Puerto Rico  Josué Erazo Real Estelí
Puerto Rico  Tjader Fernández Halcones de Xalapa
Uruguay Golan Gutt  Hebraica Macabi 
Uruguay Juan Ducasse Hebraica Macabi 
Venezuela Gregory Vargas Gladiadores de Anzoátegui 
Venezuela Yohanner Sifontes Gladiadores de Anzoátegui
Venezuela  Anthony Pérez Gladiadores de Anzoátegui 
Venezuela  Néstor Colmenares Gladiadores de Anzoátegui 
Venezuela  David Cubillán Halcones de Xalapa
Venezuela  Miguel Ruiz  Obras