02 - 11
September 2022


The FIBA AmeriCup Trophy is "founded on history", feel inspired by an evolution of previous trophies handed out throughout the history of the continental competition. It has an etched map of the Americas engraved in the inner and outer surface, as well as all the past continental champions from 1980-2017 editions.

The new AmeriCup Trophy will be handed out for the second time on September 11 to the FIBA AmeriCup 2022 champions in Brazil.


Standing at 60cms tall, it has been handcrafted from sterling silver and features a 24ct gold plated band. This band connects all the new trophies crafted for FIBA, and stands as the only matching feature between them. This modern ingenious design has been uniquely crafted to create the effect of a levitating basketball. It took in excess of 70 hours for the expert silversmiths to create this levitating effect through the processes of spinning, plating and polishing. All of these processes were carried out by hand to ensure that traditional craft techniques survive.