25 August, 2017
03 September
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For Campazzo and Hernández, the pain of losing can’t outshine their pride

CORDOBA (FIBA AmeriCup 2017) - Coach Sergio Hernández and star Point Guard Facundo Campazzo stressed that the pain of the defeat in the FIBA AmeriCup 2017 Final doesn't outshine the pride of the Argentine National Team that, without any of the participants of the Golden Generation, arrived at another continental final.

“We must look at this in a positive way, because a practically new team was built and we got to the Final. Training like we did and playing the way we played in most of the tournament... we’ll win much more than what we’ll lose. We built a great group!”, pointed out Facundo Campazzo, a Cordoba native.

“Losing a final sickens us. It must hurt. It should hurt. But the World Cup Qualifiers are coming up and we must consolidate this 12 or 15-men team. We have to get to know each other better and look for a home,” he added.

Meanwhile, coach Hernández pointed out that a few minutes after losing a final it's difficult to make an extensive analysis, although he did highlight the positive elements in general. “Beyond this defeat, I'm happy and proud of the team and each one of the members of the team and the coaching staff. United States was overpowered during the first half and in part of the third quarter, but for the first time in this AmeriCup, tiredness started to influence of our National Team. We couldn't sustain the rhythm and they accelerated and read the game well,” Oveja explained.

“Besides, we had some of our key players with personal fouls, which also restrained us. Throughout the tournament we constantly had good series or streaks, but in this much-needed moment, they didn't arrive when we were down. We stayed in the game thanks to Brussino's hot hand and some of Campazzo’s actions. But it wasn't enough,” the Bahia-born coach concluded.