10 - 16
June 2018

Niagara Region

Niagara is one-of-a-kind natural, recreational, historical, and cultural wonderland.

Situated between two of Canada’s Great Lakes and is spanned by the Niagara Escarpment, an ideal landscape for a variety of beautiful waterfalls and unique ecosystems that are protected as a world biosphere reserve.

Those beautiful waterfalls include the spectacular Niagara Falls, one of the World’s natural wonders.

Niagara is wine country, craft breweries, arts, music, theatre, sports, beaches, hiking, biking, recreational trails, festivals, attractions, nightclubs, pubs, and renowned farm-to-table culinary destinations.

Niagara’s residents and visitors celebrate the wine festival that happens every summer in Niagara – whether it be gazing in awe at Niagara’s spectacular landscape, enjoying the many outdoor recreational activities, learning about Niagara’s rich history, or savouring Niagara’s many cultural and culinary experiences. This festival, together with Niagara’s accessibility and welcoming hospitality, make Niagara a premiere destination for visitors.