08 February, 2019
26 May
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Huge crowd witnesses D'Agosto set a record 9th African title

LUANDA (Angola) - Thousands of fans flocked into Arena Kilamba in the Angolan capital of Luanda on Sunday to witness history being made in the Final of the FIBA Africa Basketball League 2019.

The FIBA Africa's flagship clubs competition unified Angola's basketball family in support of the country's solo representative.

Even though D'Agosto entered the competition just a few days after losing the National Championship for arch-rival Petro Atletico de Luanda, Angolan fans from all walks of life cheered for D'Agosto. 

According to organisers a huge crowd of approximately 5,500 fans - including a tiny portion of Moroccans, Tunisian and Egyptian fans - witnessed D'Agosto win their first continental trophy for the first time since 2013.

With teams presented in an NBA-style - and also witnessed by former NBA players Dikembe Mutombo, Olumide Oyedeji, NBA Vice-President Amadou Gallo Fall, FIBA Hall Of Fame Inductee Jean Jacques Conceicao and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Luol Deng - It was a spectacle event as rarely seen across the continent, but also a celebration of the game in Africa.

In the process, D'Agosto not only completed the four-month long competition undefeated in seven games after outscoring then-defending champions Association Sportive de Sale 83-71, but with their ninth African title they also set a new record for most titles in the history of the competition.