08 February, 2019
26 May
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Eduardo Mingas claims MVP award of #AfricaLeague 2019 FINAL FOUR

LUANDA (Angola) - Eduardo Mingas on Sunday sparked Primeiro D'Agosto to their first continental title since 2013, and, as a result, was rightly named the MVP of the FIBA Africa Basketball League FINAL FOUR.

The 1.99m(6ft6in) center propelled the Angolans with 20 points and 11 rebounds as the saw off Association Sportive de Sale, who travelled to the Angolan capital trying to retain their continental title.

After sparking D'Agosto in the semifinal 86-76 win against Smouha SC, Mingas, who turned 40 last January, was dominant at both ends of the floor, hitting three of his three-point attempts, playing aggressive defence.

In the end, Mingas not only was awarded his second continental MVP award since 2014, but he also claimed the top rebounder award with 23 in the FINAL FOUR.

His age has been a subject to continuous debates in Angolan basketball circles, but he dismisses any secrets: "I eat a lot of funge [one of Angola's many traditional dishes], work hard and I always want to win.

"World Cup?" That's up to the national team coaching staff to decide. I did my work. I am happy for award, and will share it with children when I get home," Mingas said when asked about the prospect of playing his fifth World Cup later this year.

As D'Agosto finished undefeated in seven games, and Mingas contributed 13 points, 9 rebounds and almost two assists in as many games.