Qualifying System

The main draw of the 3x3 World Tour events is comprised by 12 teams each. Certain Masters may have a Qualifying Draw with 3 or 6 teams thereof qualifying respectively 1 or 2 to the main draw of 12 teams. 

The slots for participation in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters 2017  (Main or Qualifyng Draw) are allocated by FIBA as follows:

a) Slots allocated to Hard-Seeded Teams: 2 per WT Masters;
b) Wildcard for the WT Masters host: 1 per WT Masters;
c) Wildcard for the WT Final host: 1 in a WT Masters (decided by FIBA);
d) Slots allocated to Challengers:  circa 30 in total for all WT Masters (2 per Challenger), exact number and allocation to be determined by FIBA at its discretion;
e) The remaining slots will be reserved to Professional Leagues, Quest and Qualifying Draw; Quests’ slots will be allocated by FIBA at its discretion.

Note: Slots to a specific WT Masters will be allocated considering geographical proximity and visa requirements, whilst allocation of a slot will take into account country’s and Organizer’s activity in the region as well as the performance of the Organizer’s team in prior World Tour seasons.

For the 2017 World Tour, Hard-Seeded Teams will be allocated in pairs to Masters in this order:

Top 1 & 8: Masters A
Top 2 & 7: Masters B
Top 3 & 6: Masters C
Top 4 & 5: Masters D
Top 1 & 4: Masters E
Top 2 & 3: Masters F
Top 1 & 2: Masters G

Whereas, the higher ranked team of each pair will select the Masters and subject to the Masters A to F being all different.

Hard-Seeded Teams have to submit ranked preferences by 28 March; in case a team does not submit choices on time or does not confirm participation to a directly qualified WT Masters within 10 days of aforementioned deadline or has been sanctioned it will be substituted by the following highest ranked team of prior season (ex Hard-Seeded Teams) that has confirmed participation in current one.

FIBA will assign Hard-Seeded Teams following their submitted preferences and precedencies; once assigned said Hard-Seeded Team will be considered qualified to the corresponding Masters.