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FIBA Foundation's Young Lions Cup breaks new ground in Western Africa

ABIDJAN (Côte d'Ivoire) - Following two successful events in Southern Africa, the Young Lions Cup is set to be staged in Western Africa for the first time. The youth leadership and basketball development project of FIBA's Foundation (IBF) will take place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire from Friday-Sunday (March 29-31).

The project is one of 15 'Basketball For Good” initiatives in more than 65 countries that the IBF is operating in cooperation with FIBA Regional Offices and the National Federations involved, with the power of basketball being used to initiate positive change.

After being taught how to organize FIBA 3x3 tournaments, 3x3 basketball coordinators from chosen national federations of the surrounding regions have organized qualifying tournaments in their respective countries for boys and girls under the age of 18. A minimum of 16 teams competed in each qualifier.

The winning teams from each tournament qualified for this weekend's international final in Cote d'Ivoire's biggest city, where the participants will also take part in a youth leadership workshop. Its aim is to equip the young leaders with the tools to use basketball to create a positive impact within their communities.

Fifty-six (56) young participants, both boys and girls, are traveling to Abidjan in order to play in the competition and take part in the workshop.

The event coincides with meetings of FIBA's Executive Committee and Central Board, the members of which will get the opportunity to witness the great atmosphere of the tournament.

The countries and youths taking part in the event are the following:
U18 Boys Tournament:
  • Cote D'ivoire: Kouadio Lionel Nathan, Traore Lassina Junior, Traore Aboubacar, Ouattara Josaphat Hanniel;
  • Djibouti: Wais Mahdi Abdillahi, Moussa Omar Houssein, Haroun Idriss Abdi, Iltireh Doudoub Maurice;
  • Ghana: Paul Adzowu, Sefa Nana, Bernard Dushie, Dennis John Dugbenu;
  • Guinea Equatorial: Andrés Carin Ndong Ezomo, Feliciano Nguema Becoba, Anderson Roca Mañana, Juan Bautista Aboho Ndong;
  • Mauritania: Dialanka Touré, Moussa Samaké, Amadou Niang, Lemine Selmoune;
  • Niger: Soumaila Habibou, Mounkaila Abdoul Aziz, Hamidou Ousmane, Abdoul Rahmane Mohamed;
  • Sao Tome: Nélio De Ceita Gomes, Bruno Gomes De Jesus, Attisso Tavares Koami, Arigilson Semedo Felix Da Costa;
  • Togo: Gbetholancy Jacques Andre B, Thomas Mickelange Ayoola, Eholie Joseph Emmanuel, Eholie David Esli.
 U18 Girls Tournament:
  • Cote D'ivoire: Sahie Akesse Ange Laetitia, Konate Aminata, Konate Mariam, Guindo Aminata;
  • Djibouti: Hibak Sougueh Robleh, Ayan Moussa Djama, Mako Souleiman Miyir, Mayoune Souleiman;
  • Ghana: Ruth Dodbey, Augustina Budu, Priscilla Anang, Amenyo Gladys Edem;
  • Niger: Abdourahamane Nana Farida, Zibo Nadia, Issoufou Sadou Rahila, Mounkaila Chipkaou Leyla;
  • Sao Tome: Kwema Maite Ching Fong Viegas De Ceita, Rosa Maria Sousa Do Espirito Santo, Edcamila Da Costa De Araújo, Sulene Moreno Pereira Vera Cruz;
  • Togo: Kpoka Agossi Prisca, Amegnetou Abla, Komlan Akouvi Hélène, Adjrakou Adjo Dogbéda.