20 - 28
July 2019
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NCAA talent present and future to light it up at #FIBAU19 in Thailand

BANGKOK (Thailand) - There will be almost 50 players with links to the NCAA stepping out in Bangkok at the FIBA U19 Women's Basketball World Cup.

Whether it 's players with College minutes already under their belts from this past season, or those who have committed to step onto the NCAA hardwood for 2019-20, it makes for an exciting watch-list of talent in the Thai capital.


Isabelle Bourne - University of Nebraska (commit)
Alexandra Fowler - Portland State University (commit)
Miela Goodchild - Duke University
Ula Motuga - Washington State University
Jaz Shelley - University of Oregon (commit)
Samantha Simons - Saint Mary's College of California


Niyah Becker - University of Utah
Faith Dut - University of Florida (commit)
Yvonne Ejim - Gonzaga (commit)
Taya Hanson - Arizona State University
Justine King - Long Beach State University
Roxane Makolo - Purdue University
Brynn Masikewich - UCLA (commit)
Christina Morra - Wake Forest
Merissah Russell - University of Louisville (commit)


Mayra Caicedo - Northern New Mexico College
Maria Camila Alvarez - University of South Florida
Natalia Pineda - Eastern Michigan University


Emily Bessoir - UCLA (commit)
Elea Gaba - University of Buffalo (commit)
Marie Reichert - Old Dominion University (commit)
Jessika Schiffer - University of Buffalo (commit)


Norika Konno - Louisville (commit)


Alise Markova - Miami Dade (commit)
Mara Mote - University of Arizona (commit)
Nikola Ozola - Florida Atlantic University (commit)


Carla Balague - Grand Canyon University
Esther Castedo - Robert Morris University
Carla Flores - University of Western Illinois
Nerea Hermosa - Georgia Tech (commit)
Lola Pendande - University of Utah (commit)
Laura Piera -Grand Canyon University
Helena Pueyo - University of Arizona (commit)
Alba Sanchez-Ramos - University of Wyoming
Aixa Wone - Ohio State (commit)


Fran Belibi - Stanford University(commit)
Aliyah Boston - University of South Carolina (commit)
Cameron Brink - Stanford University (commit)
Paige Bueckers - UConn (commit)
Queen Egbo - Baylor University
Naz Hillmon-Baker - University of Michigan
Rhyne Howard -  University of Kentucky
Ashley Joens - Iowa State
Diamond Miller - Maryland (commit)
Celeste Taylor - University of Texas (commit)