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13 February, 2023
Who was each nation's MVP of the last Qualifying window?
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Who was each nation's MVP of the last Qualifiers window?

MUNICH (Germany) - There were plenty of stellar performances during the pivotal final window of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2023 Qualifiers but who was the standout player for each nation? 

With each participating country having already been handed a collective assessment, we throw the spotlight onto each team's MVP. 

Group A

Belgium BEL 

Emma Meesseman - PF / 1.93m / 1993  

Statistics: 18.0 PPG; 9.0 RPG; 3.0 APG; 25.5 EFF  

Death, taxes and Emma Meesseman showing her absolute class and outstanding leadership for the Cats. You have seen and read it all before. Cut and paste. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH  

Courtney Hurt - SF / 1.85m / 1990 

Statistics: 18.5 PPG; 13.0 RPG; 26.5 EFF 

It was a nightmare last window for Bosnia and Herzegovina as they crashed and burned to North Macedonia and were well beaten by Germany. The naturalized forward did at least do her best with two double-doubles and also shot the ball really well too.

Germany GER  

Leonie Fiebich - SF / 1.92m / 2000 

Statistics: 16.0 PPG; 5.5 RPG; 2.5 APG; 16.0 EFF

After a nightmare 1-of-7 against Belgium, the forward showed great resilience and quality to bounce back with a window defining show against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her superb 30 points inspired victory and a return to Final Round having missed the past five editions.

Nena Trajchevska impressed for North Macedonia as they won their first game 

North Macedonia MKD

Nena Trajchevska - SF / 1.82m / 1994

Statistics: 17.0 PPG; 9.0 RPG; 3.0 SPG; 19.0 EFF

The forward only played in one of the two games during the window, but it was the pivotal one when her team won their first game of the campaign against Bosnia and Herzegovina. She shot the ball really well and worked hard on the glass and at both ends of the floor.

Group B 

Finland FIN 

Elina Aarnisalo - G / 1.94m / 2005 

Statistics: 17.5.0 PPG; 3.5 RPG; 2.2 APG; 2.0 SPG

Also her team's MVP of the second window, this time the guard's numbers were not quite as impressive, but she was still arguably the pick of the bunch. It was a tough window for Finland and the teenager was one of the few to emerge with real credit for her displays.

France FRA

Gabby Williams - SF / 1.80m / 1996

Statistics: 17.5 PPG; 4.0 RPG; 3.5 APG; 2.5 SPG; 22.0 EFF

Another couple of performances full of style and certainly leading by example, Williams did it all for her team to get them that precious win in Lithuania and a one-sided success against Finland. She shot the ball impressively to remind everyone she is not only about defense.

Gintare Petronyte was outstanding for Lithuania but their campaign ended with disappointment

Lithuania LTU 

Gintare Petronyte - C / 1.95m / 1989 

Statistics: 18.5PPG; 65% FG; 12.0 RPG, 26.0 EFF 

The experienced center showed all of her know-how with a couple of typically towering displays in the paint. Despite Lithuania losing both games against France and Ukraine, it should not detract from her terrific double-doubles as she did the business yet again.

Ukraine UKR 

Alina Iagupova - SG/SF / 1.86m / 1992

Statistics: 18.5 PPG; 9.5 RPG; 4.0 APG; 21.5 EFF 

A roller-coaster campaign ended with Ukraine finishing in second place in the group but just not quite doing enough to advance. Iagupova was not in her highest gear but still put in two typically influential displays to make sure they beat Finland and Lithuania. 

Group C

Hungary HUN 

Cyesha Goree - C / 1.88m / 1993

Statistics: 17.5 PPG; 11.5 RPG; 2.5 APG; 24.5 EFF 

The powerful Goree came to play in this last window and she proved to be the anchor in the paint for Hungary throughout. She was the driving force behind them getting the wins against Iceland and Romania they needed to advance to Final Round.

Iceland ISL 

Sara Run Hinriksdottir - SF / 1.80m / 1996  

Statistics: 12.5 PPG; 4.5 RPG

Hinriksdottir again finds herself as Iceland's MVP of the window, although this time she did find it much more of an uphill struggle to make a big impression. Now firmly top of every opponents' scouting report, the defensive attention is getting ever more intense.

Romania ROU 

Stefania Catinean - PG / 1.65m / 2001

Statistics: 5.5 PPG; 4.5 APG; 3.0 RPG

There was no Romanian player that performed to a high level in both games of this past window. But, Catinean gets the thumbs up for her display against Hungary, which was at least played a major role in keeping her country competitive for the first 30 minutes.

Paula Ginzo impressed for Spain and made a strong case to be taken to Final Round

Spain ESP

Paula Ginzo - PF / 1.89m / 1998

Statistics: 11.0 PPG; 67% FG; 6.0 RPG; 2.5 APG; 17.5 EFF

Spain rotated their roster heavily in both games so minutes were at a premium against Romania and Iceland, but Ginzo made the most of the chance she was handed. She boosted her case for inclusion this summer with two highly impressive and efficient performances.

Group D

Albania ALB

Berni Rreshpja - F / 1.76m / 2001

Statistics: 13.0 PPG; 2.0RPG; 2.0 APG; 2.0 spg

It's a tough job to play undersized against some tough opponents in the paint, but Rreshpja did a solid job for the underdogs. She averaged double digits in the games against Slovenia and Turkey, also making a number of other contributions in other areas.

Poland POL 

Weronika Telenga - C / 1.92m / 1995 

Statistics: 12.- PPG;11.5 RPG; 2.0 BPG; 19.5 EFF 

Continuing her excellent work from the second window, Telenga was the main thrust in the eye-catching wins against Turkey and Slovenia. She posted a double-double across those games and is continuing to be a big leader during Poland's impressive renaissance. 

It wasn't an easy window for Slovenia or Eva Lisec after losing to Poland

Slovenia SLO 

Eva Lisec - C / 1.92m / 1995

Statistics: 18.0. PPG; 7.0 RPG; 3.0 APG; 21.0 EFF 

Only playing in the loss against Poland after Slovenia had given chances to their younger players against Albania, Lisec was the pick for her team. She was arguably the only senior player that truly performed to the required level in the contest.

Turkey TUR 

Teaira McCowan - C / 2.04m / 1996

Statistics: 27.0 PPG; 72% FG; 13.0 RPG; 33.5 EFF 

Since debuting, McCowan has never looked back from an individual perspective with four huge contributions. Although the loss to Poland was an eye-opener for Turkey, the center showed why they can still be a threat at Final Round with such an imposing presence.

Group E

Serbia SRB 

Yvonne Anderson - G / 1.75m / 1990

Statistics: 24.0 PPG; 6.5 APG; 2.5 SPG; 28.5 EFF 

This was a top showing from Anderson as Serbia dismantled both Croatia and Bulgaria to show they have every intent on holding onto their crown. The guard was measured and impactful in the first game and then shifted up the gears with 10 assists in the second.

Bulgaria BUL  

Borislava Hristova - SG / 1.81m / 1996

Statistics: 20.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG; 4.0 APG 

This was a challenging window for Bulgaria as their only game was against the defending champions. Hristova fired 20 points but was placed under huge defensive pressure. This impacted her efficiency, but the attention also underlined her importance and talent.

Croatia CRO 

Shavonte Zellous - G / 1.78m / 1986

Statistics: 27.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG; 2.0 APG; 2.0 SPG; 18.0 EFF 

It was a massively disappointing way to finish their campaign as Croatia crashed badly against Serbia. The one bright spot was the performance of the veteran guard who tried her best to inspire her team and carried the main offensive threat with 27 points.

Group F

Dragana Zivkovic had two hugely productive games for Montenegro

Montenegro MNE 

Dragana Zivkovic - G / 1.79m / 2001

Statistics: 16.0 PPG; 9.5 RPG; 20.0 EFF  

This was such a big positive for Montenegro since they do not exactly have the deepest talent pool around. The emergence of Zivkovic was a headline, along with their qualification and surprise overtime loss to Denmark. She is a scoring threat and was super on the glass.

Austria AUT

Anja Fuchs-Robetin - F / 1.83m / 1996

Statistics: 14.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG;  3.0 APG; 17.0 EFF 

Although the underdogs were comfortably beaten in Montenegro, the main positive was how Austria remained competitive throughout the contest. Fuchs-Robetin was the driving force with another purposeful and efficient display that impressed. 

Denmark DEN 

Anna Seilund - G / 1.75m / 1993

Statistics: 31.0 PPG; 4.0 RPG; 3.0 APG, 3.0 SPG; 32.0 EFF 

With just one game in this window, Denmark took their opportunity to make a massive impression again, this time beating Montenegro in overtime on the road. That was largely down to Seilund who balled out with an all-action performance.

Group G

Greece GRE 

Maria Fasoula - C / 1.92m / 1997  

Statistics: 27.0 PPG; 62% FG; 12.0 RPG;30.0 EFF  

The previously unbeaten Greece finally picked up a loss as they went down in Portugal, although the powerful presence of Fasoula almost prevented it. Then, when their star center missed the Estonia game, they came so close to a shock loss, highlighting her value.

Maria Bettencourt Correia had a stunning game in the win against Greece

Portugal POR 

Maria Bettencourt Correia - G / 1.72m / 1991

Statistics: 19.0PPG; 5.0 RPG; 3.5 APG; 19.0 EFF 

Portugal prospered from their guard producing one of the best displays of the Qualifiers anywhere as her spectacular 32 points shot down group leaders Greece. While she wasn't able to follow it up against Great Britain, she deserves the nod for her first outing alone.

Estonia EST 

Annika Koster - F / 1.85m / 1992

Statistics: 11.0 PPG. 11.5 RPG; 3.5 APG, 2.5 SPG; 22.0 EFF

The forward amassed two double-doubles for her country during the window. While one came in a blowout at the hands of Great Britain, the second almost helped her nation to topple Greece. Her rebounding was especially impressive across both outings.

Great Britain GBR 

Temi Fagbenle - C / 1.93m / 1992 

Statistics: 20.0 PPG; 8.0 RPG; 27.0 EFF 

A phenomenal presence in the second window, it was a similar story again, with Great Britain enjoying more 'Temi-Time' as the forward went to serious work. She was the central figure in the huge wins against Estonia and Portugal that sent GB to Final Round.

Group H

Italy ITA 

Olbis Andre - C/ 1.98m / 1998

Statistics: 15.0 PPG; 72% FG; 7.0 RPG; 24.0 EFF 

While Italy didn't exactly face a stiff test in their games against Luxembourg and Switzerland, you have to hand credit to the center for her contributions. Smart and efficient in everything she did, this was Andre  showing she could be to turn up the dial at Final Round.

Luxembourg LUX

Esmeralda Skrijelj - G / 1.78m / 1995

Statistics: 9.5 PPG; 7.5 RPG; 3.0 APG; 

It was two big losses in this window for Luxembourg and that was barely a surprise as Slovakia and Italy were always going to be favorites. But despite the outcome, the guard emerged having caught the eye with some nice contributions despite the blowouts.

Miroslava Mistinova showed out for Slovakia as they made the Final Round

Slovakia SVK 

Miroslava Mistinova - G / 1.83m / 1997

Statistics: 21.5 PPG; 6.5 RPG; 3.0 APG; 28.0 EFF 

The guard was so outstanding  in the matchups against Switzerland and then Luxembourg that she was only just edged out of the Top Performers list on both gamedays. A continued scoring presence, it was her hot-hand that largely resulted in a Final Round ticket.

Switzerland SUI 

Evita Herminjard - G/ 1.72m / 1998

Statistics: 13.5.PPG; 6.0 APG;  2.5 RPG

It was a difficult job for Switzerland to try and keep pace with Slovakia and Italy as they suffered two more defeats. Nevertheless, the performances of Herminjard were at least something of a  bright light amidst some disappointment they finished bottom of the group.

Group I

Netherlands NED 

Iris Vennema - G/ 1.86m / 2004

Statistics: 9.0 PPG; 2.0 RPG

With Netherlands having just one game in this window and suffering a 20-point loss, there were not many positives. However, the 18-year-old rising star caught the eye against Czech Republic and showed she could be someone to step up in future campaigns.

Czech Republic CZE 

Renata Brezinova C / 1.85m / 1990

Statistics: 19.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG; 20.0 EFF

This was a brilliant effort from 'Captain Fantastic' Brezinova, who put the team on her back and carried Czech Republic to Final Round. She was the difference-maker and a real handful in the decider with Netherlands after what was a powerful performance in the paint.

Ireland IRL

Bridget Herlihy - F / 1.88m / 1997

Statistics: 15.0 PPG; 10.0 RPG; 19.0 EFF

While Ireland went down to Czech Republic, it was Herlihy in particular who was able to step off the court with her head held high. She posted a very nice double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds in defeat.

Group J

Anete Steinberga had a night to remember at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm

Latvia LAT 

Anete Steinberga - C/ 1.90m / 1990  

Statistics: 37.0 PPG; 9.0 RPG; 2.0 APG; 38.0 EFF 

The marquee player for Latvia once again showed why she is so important by not only taking them to victory over Sweden, but doing it with a record breaking display. Her 37 points was the highest individual tally ever scored while balling for the Latvian women's team.

Israel ISR 

Alyssa Baron - G / 1.76m / 1992

Statistics: 29.0  PPG; 11.0RPG; 35.0 EFF 

It was a brilliant way for co-hosts Israel to sign off their campaign as they blasted their way past an experienced Sweden side. Baron starred with a spectacular effort and was crowned Gameday 5 Top Performer as she showed she can be a leader at the main event.

Sweden SWE 

Amanda Zahui - F / 1.96m / 1993

Statistics: 15.5 PPG;  8.5 RPG; 2.0 SPG; 15.0 EFF 

It was another window to forget for Sweden as they lost in Israel and then went down at home to Latvia in front of a huge crowd of almost 9,500. With little to cheer, Zahui at least made telling contributions, although has indicated she will now retire from national team action.