22 September, 2022
01 October
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Permutations: who will claim the last tickets for Sydney?

Belgrad, Osaka and Washington D.C. (Serbia, Japan, USA) - Game Day 2 is over. With one game left in the Qualifying Tournaments, let's see the different scenarios leading to the final spots left for the Women World Cup in Australia.


Washington DC

USA is already qualified

Belgium will qualify if they win against Russia or if they lose by 32 points or less.

Puerto-Rico will qualify if they win against Russia and if Russia has lost against Belgium. If Russia has won against Belgium then Puerto-Rico needs to beat Russia by 34 points.

Russia will qualify if they win against Puerto-Rico. If they lose against Puerto Rico but have won against Belgium, then those thrée teams will have a 1-2 record. The point average in the three games involving those teams will then dictates the final standings.

Belgrad - Groupe B

 Chine and France are already qualified

Nigeria will qualify if they win against Mali. They will also qualify is they lose by 6 or less point if China beats France on Sunday.

Mali will qualify if they win against Nigeria by 7 or more points. If they win by less than 7 points, they will need France to beat China in order to qualify.

Belgrad - Groupe A

 Australia, Serbia and Korea are already qualified.

Brazil can not qualify anymore


Canada is already qualified

Japan and Bosnia need to play the last game to qualify.

DISCLAIMER: The above analysis has been prepared solely for the purpose of improving the experience of fans. It is not to be understood as advice or as binding information on the FIBA WWCQT for competition purposes.