08 - 17
July 2019
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Blas commends basketball tournament in the Pacific Games

Apia (Samoa) - Oceania National Olympic Committee Secretary General Ricardo Blas was on hand as a spectator in the ongoing Pacific Games and commended the basketball tournament held at the Gym 2 in Apia, Samoa.

Blas, also the President of the Guam National Olympic Committee also stated that the future is bright for the sport in the region.

"The games have been running smoothly, venue, and officiating have been good and we're quite happy," he shared.

The Guam native also addressed questions about eligibility for players and expressed his confidence in the screening process of FIBA.

"There were questions from other countries having to recruit outside their PGA but FIBA does a good job of viewing these athletes and their eligibilities," Blas said.

The former Olympian also expressed his delight at the development of basketball in the region and believes basketball is heading in the right direction.

"If everyone keeps up what they're doing, basketball in the future is going to be so competitive in our region. I hope the countries develop their programs internally because at the end of the day it's about the legacy of their sports in their respective countries," he said.