22 September, 2022
01 October
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The 10 best photos from Women's World Cup 2022

SYDNEY (Australia) - Throughout the entire FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022, we saw some amazing actions from start to finish. All of that was captured by the FIBA official photographers on site - Milad Payami, Mami Yasui, and Yaroslava Nemesh - and they've handpicked some of the best that were captured in a snapshot frame.

Here, we allow them to showcase and tell the story of some of the best photos taken in Sydney.

Milad Payami's selection

"The Final of the Women's World Cup! It was the game among all of the games with all eyes on the court. A full house with another story waiting to be told. Breanna Stewart's shot, exactly where it was expected to be was all I needed."

"Lauren Jackson is a legend, respected by everyone. It was a great comeback story! With this being her last game with the national team, what a pleasure it was to capture this historical moment!"

"There are moments that you can never forget. Witnessing the joy on the faces of these amazing players  from Puerto Rico was something you don't see every day, maybe even after winning a gold medal. It's a moment when you feel full satisfaction."

"I have been taking photos of Han Xu and her teammates since they were teenagers and seeing them grow and shine through the lens is a blessing. What a great moment it was for her and China to beat Australia on their home court and advance to the Final . That look up into the sky! A star is born!" 

Mami Yasui's selection


"There were so many beautiful moments in Sydney. For me, this one stands out as Ezi Magbegor usually has poker face during the games but we can see her strong, fiery passion in this shot."

"This was a difficult game for Jovana Nogic from Serbia against USA but she kept her composure, made a tough shot, then posed on the floor. I felt like that I could see her mental toughness and her attitude of never giving up right at that moment."

"Breanna Stewart works so hard to be a winner and completely blocked this shot attempt by Ivana Raca. I really felt her energy in this frame."

Yaroslava Nemesh's selection

"After a great game, Bridget Carleton roared passionately. The player's emotion was so strong that it lifted up not only her teammates, but the whole audience in the venue."

"This shot was taken after USA's win in the Final. The emotions of the winners in front of the red lights of the scoreboard after the buzzer is just great and symbolizes another great World Cup for USA."

"Great moment of team support and team spirit around a true legend of the game. The smiles and emotions on the faces of the players makes it positive moment that I will never forget."