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Second round of FIBA National Youth Camp kicks off in Gabon

PORT-GENTIL (Gabon) – Gabon and its ever-buzzing city of Port-Gentil kicked off the second round of the FIBA National Youth Camp, a Development Program run by FIBA and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

This one-week training and development activity saw some 30 teenagers, 14 to 17, and some 20 coaches, line up under the aegis of FIBA and NBA experts.

Learning and perfecting the basics was part of the one-week training program

Speaking after the event, Mickhael Anthony Mamenet, who represented FIBA in Port-Gentil, noted that everyone was enthusiastic about getting back on the pitch. The FIBA National Youth Camp also helped FIBA and NBA experts see the level of engagement of the kids and the coaches.

"After they have had to cease every activity for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was great for them to be on the pitch again. They had a very positive energy to share. We're happy that everyone participated actively in every activity", says Mickael Mamenet, FIBA representative.


For the first three days, the coaches underwent a clinic under the guidance of Joe Touomou, Technical Director of the NBA Academy in Dakar, Senegal, and FIBA instructor, and Moustapha Keita.

They both emphasized on talent detection and development. “The experts noticed that the coaches and the players had the passion and the potential to achieve big things."

The last days saw the players get in action, with a clinic on the technical aspects of the game. Afterward, the best athletes will be chosen to represent Gabon at the Regional Youth Camps and eventually at the International Youth Camps.

"This is an important task for Gabon as they enter this training and development program by FIBA. The instructors and I are glad that the participants made the most of the experience and hope they make it to the Regional Youth Camp and the International Youth Camp", says Mamenet.

The FIBA National Youth Camp will make a stop in Benin on June 20-26, then will head to five other countries. Since the start of 2022, eight countries have hosted the FIBA National Youth Camp.