29 August, 2015
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6 Danbi KIM (Korea)
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Kim Danbi: "Give us some time, we'll be a lot better"

WUHAN (2015 FIBA Asia Women's Championship) - Kim Danbi is the most conspicuous player in this Korean "transition" team.

"Am I?" questioned the 25-year-old Shinhan Bank S-Birds forward.

"Now, that's too much credit in a team that is working really hard," she chuckled.

"I think we have done alright in getting through [to the Semi-finals]," Kim Danbi said adding, "we are certainly improving on our plays."

Korea began their campaign losing their opening two games, against teams (Japan and China)  whom coach We Sungwoo as "the best in the competition), but picked up momentum with three wins in a row, including against Thailand and India (two teams who play the relegation play-off).

The main thing is we are cutting down on our mistakes. Therefore I'm confident of doing well [in the Semi-Final against China on Friday]. - Kim Danbi

"Well, I'm not judging my team based on the results in the game. Against Japan I thought we played alright, but the result didn't go our way.

But the talk of the town is more about the transition in Korean basketball. Kim Danbi nodded in agreement.

"There was a golden generation of players, who took Korea right to the top. And now we don't have them. This is the reality.

"We are certainly going to find the perfect replacements for those greats. But that doesn't mean we can't achieve what they did as a team. This is a possibility, if we work hard enough," she said.

Kim Danbi pointed to fellow guard Park Hyejin and teenage sensation Park Jisu as an example to emphasize her point.

"Park Jisu has the potential to become one of the greatest in Asia. But she has a long way to reach there. She has got age on her side. There's definitely reason for hope."