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FIBA PLUS helping to empower growth on and off the floor in Venezuela

CARACAS (Venezuela) - FIBA PLUS is continuing to support the Venezuelan Basketball Federation with strategic building blocks needed for its development and to unlock future success on and off the court.

One of FIBA's leading global development programs, FIBA PLUS enables National Federations around the world to develop strategies that increase their capacity to organize, professionalize and commercialize basketball activities. It is also a key element of FIBA's strategic priority to Empower National Federations.

Around 18 months ago, the Venezuelan Basketball Federation took full advantage of the opportunity afforded to them through FIBA PLUS and made the most of the expertise on offer.

This helped them to implement a sustainable strategic focus and specifically helped to define a vision, mission statements and values as a sports organization, along with defining its goals, objectives and action plans for the future. 

Now, there's even more to celebrate as the Venezuelan Basketball Federation has ensured that the achievements of 2022 were just the beginning. They have leveraged that success as a springboard for further evolution and improvement, re-engaging with FIBA PLUS, and the results have been outstanding.

The FIBA PLUS initiative has helped them to strengthen their governance structure - something that was fundamental to the development of their goals. This also included the approval of new Statutes that adapt far better to current times, as well as the renewal of their organizational structure.

Outside of the governance sphere, there have been many other tangible benefits drawn from harnessing the knowledge and professional advice available via FIBA PLUS.

The creation of a Marketing and Communications Plan has ensured the reinforcement of the Federation's digital presence and most usefully, the active and efficient promotion of key events. This was something recognized at the most recent FIBA Congress awards ceremony held last year in Manila, when Venezuela were second in the category for the biggest growth in followers.

FIBA Congress 2023

The Venezuelan Superliga Junior program was consolidated through a massification project that was aimed at the various training categories at the national level. This is leading to the successful discovery of exciting new talents - something which is part of the strategy for the generational change of the national teams.

The national competition system was also adapted, taking in the Men's National Super League, a significant re-launch of the Women's Super League and the implementation of a management system for the registration of the entire Venezuelan basketball family.

Venezuela Men's National Super League Champions

Last but not least, there has been significant progress in technical development which is delivering a successful pipeline of more skilled coaches and officials.

Hanthony Coello, the President of the Venezuelan Basketball Federation, took time to consider the journey of the last few years and the difficulties that had preceded the newfound success during the pandemic.

He explained: "A willing and committed work team took the reins of the Venezuelan Basketball Federation in December 2019, but months later, the pandemic closed the basketball courts - but not our minds, So, there were many ideas that emerged during those times and we began to make it possible.

"Since November 2022, the FIBA PLUS program has helped the Federation to organize and systematize the priorities of the plan we conceived for the growth of Venezuelan basketball.

"This was strengthening our governance, promoting the practice of basketball, adapting the national competition system, improving the technical sphere, and being a reference as a sports brand in our country."

"Once again, I thank FIBA and its experts for trusting Venezuela to make it and be part of this FIBA PLUS program," concluded Coello.