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FIBA Oceania holds first board meeting of 2021

GOLD COAST (Australia) - FIBA Oceania's Board held its first meeting in 2021 to discuss and update its plans for this year.

The online meeting was presided over by FIBA Oceania President Burton Shipley and was attended by FIBA President Hamane Niang and FIBA Secretary-General Andreas Zagklis.

Shipley proudly shared the amount of work the region has produced despite the situation with the pandemic.

"We are still operating on a very unusual situation during this pandemic but I am proud to share that our region has adapted quite nicely to the challenges presented in front of us," shared Shipley in his President's report.

"The region has led the use of online learning experience and will continue to hone that aspect of our work to help our National Federation grow and develop during these times," he added.

The Board discussed the Basketball For Good projects that drives the region's goals in achieving FIBA's objectives including Empower National Federations, Enlarge FIBA family, Women in Basketball among others.

The regional staff prepared a 5-year report of Basketball For Good programs conducted in partnerships with the TeamUp program and National federations through funding by the Australian government.' Key highlights of the report included: 7 national Federations supported, over 3 million people reached across social media and 268,549 lives impacted in 2019, a massive increase from its first year in 2015 with 17,497 recorded participants.

"We take great pride in our Basketball For Good programs and how they positively impacted the lives in our region. The last 5 years have shown the effects with the numbers increasing yearly, we will strive to reach more people and use this program as a way to help our communities and promote basketball," shared FIBA Oceania Senior Manager, Amanda Jenkins.

The Board also reviewed the 2021 competitions calendar including the 2021 Melanesia Cup moved to early 2022, the 2021 FIBA Polynesia Cup, 2021 FIBA U17 Oceania Championships to be held in Samoa later this year.

"We are keen on getting back on track in terms of competition and doing our best, working with all the Federation and their respective governments to deliver our competition's this year," explained Jenkins regarding the 2021 competitions.