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IT Solutions: Supporting National Federations Operations

One of the main FIBA initiatives to support the development and operations of National Federations is to provide them with best practices IT solutions to manage memberships, competitions, statistics, scoresheets and websites. This project leverages the partnership between the International Basketball Foundation and Genius Sports, a leading global sports technology company based in London and active worldwide.

Rather than each National Federation having to incur the costs of acquiring or developing its own software, FIBA makes many of the software applications developed by FIBA and Genius Sports available at no cost to the FIBA Family.

Genius Sports and FIBA take on the responsibility of constantly innovating and responding to technology changes to ensure that the solutions made available to National Federations reflect the ever-changing digital landscape.

The IT solutions made available help basketball administrators manage their operations more efficiently and enhance the basketball experience for fans and players.

To start using or get more information about the IT solutions for National Federations, please contact us at

Registrations & Memberships
  • The Registrations and Memberships solution enables players, coaches and referees to register online to join a club, league, association or federation.

    Clubs, leagues or federations can create online registration forms to capture the information to be stored in their memberships database.

    Features provided include:

    • Individual registration forms
    • One-click re-registration set-up
    • Ability to customize forms and database to collect relevant data for your organization
    • Team based registration capability
    • Replaces paper registrations forms and spreadsheets
    • Customized reports – member and financial reporting
    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant – vital to ensure all details are secure
    • Seamless integration with FIBA Organizer

    Working with Genius Sports has allowed our members to register online efficiently and effortlessly from the comfort of their home. Managing the process has been very easy due to user-friendliness of the system and staff. As a direct result, basketball continues to grow around the country. - Conor Lilly, Registration Manager, Basketball Ireland

    See Basketball Ireland Online Registration showcase.

  • FIBA Organizer is the world’s most popular basketball management solution, developed with FIBA and provided at no cost to basketball federations and leagues.

    FIBA Organizer is a software application (available in both offline and online versions) that allows basketball administrators to manage competitions (schedules, results, standings and statistics) as well as membership data (database of clubs, players, coaches and referees) helping make their jobs easier and enhancing the players and fans online experience.

    Features provided include:
    •    Season, competition and career statistics for teams and players
    •    Prepare and export of hundreds of reports
    •    Season statistic leaders
    •    Import of historical statistics database
    •    Integrated with FIBA LiveStats
    •    Integrated with Genius Sports or external websites via Data Warehouse API’s
    •    Available in English, Spanish & French

    Among the current users of the FIBA Organizer solution:


    Introducing a systematic registration process has been fundamental to the growth of our Federation.  We have successfully used FIBA Organizer to registers all players within the country as well as manage transfers. We now have over 120,000 players register in the database. We appreciate all the efforts of FIBA and Genius Sports to provide us with solution to implement registration.
    - Federico Susbielles, Interventor, Confederacion Argentino de Basquetbol


    • What is the role of a statistician?

      To be a statistician is an important role in a basketball game. The data you gather will be relevant for all stakeholders: players, coaches, media, television and fans. The role of a statistician is to collect, usually with a statistics collection software (link to FLS), the data to evaluate player's and team's performance.

    • Why should I become a statistician?

    • You might work all your way up to the top level and be part of major basketball events such as the Olympic Games or the FIBA Basketball World Cup. No matter which level, you will have the opportunity to follow exciting games from the best seats in the arena.


      How can I become a statistician?

      If you have never worked as a statistician before you should contact your regional or national basketball federation or a local club directly. You should have a good understanding of the game of basketball, its rules and in particular the FIBA Statisticians Manual

      How can I work as a statistician in a FIBA competition?

    • Only FIBA licensed statisticians are entitled to work as statisticians in official FIBA competitions.

      What do I need to do to become a FIBA licensed statistician?

    • You will need to
      a) have sufficient practical experience from working as a statistician in your country’s highest domestic league;
      b) have at least basic knowledge of the English language;
      c) register through your national federation for a FIBA workshop;
      d) complete the FIBA eLearning courses and pass all relevant tests;
      e) participate in a FIBA workshop and pass all relevant tests

      For how long is a FIBA license valid

    • The license is valid for two years and needs to be renewed afterward.

      Which stats software is used in FIBA competitions?

    • The software used in most FIBA competitions is FIBA Live Stats (v7)

      Do I get paid as a statistician?

    • This will vary between countries and the level of competition. While for grassroots levels statisticians are usually volunteers, in top competitions there is usually a small compensation (the fee is often aligned with the fee for table officials). However, your main motivation should always be the love for the game, not financial interest.

  • FIBA LiveStats is one of the world’s most popular basketball live statistics solution, developed with FIBA and provided at no cost to basketball federations and leagues.

    FIBA LiveStats is a software application, running on the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7 & 8) that enables basketball statisticians to record game statistics online and webcast games in real-time, helping to promote basketball and engage fans, media and sponsors.

    FIBA LiveStats is the statistics tool used on many FIBA official competitions (for example FIBA U19 and U17 World Championships, FIBA Continental Championships in Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania).

    •    Online live webcast available in more than 25 languages
    •    Responsive design principles to automatically display for mobile, tablet and computer devices
    •    In-game reports for coaches and media
    •    In-venue interface with TV graphics solutions
    •    Delivery of an in-venue scoreboard feed
    •    XML data outputs
    •    API access
    •    Application available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese

    "The French Federation has been using FIBA LiveStats since 2009 to provide statistics for coaches, players and fans across all our Leagues. We integrate our Competition Management system “FBI” (French BasketBall Information) with FIBA LiveStats through API's provided by Genius Sports.  We have worked closely with Genius Sports and innovated alongside them to provide the best experience to for our stakeholders. We look forward to working with FIBA LiveStats into the future"
    - Jean-Jacques Krief, Directeur Service Informatique

    Webcast Features:

    View FIBA LiveStats example webcast:
    2015 FIBA Americas League
    2015 Nike Hoops Summit

    Click here to download FIBA LiveStats and register for a league/federation administrator account.

  • Genius Sports and FIBA provide three options to create and maintain professional looking, yet easy to manage, websites for National Federations and leagues:

    Standard - A base model website, with standard functionality enabling to present and update key information such as fixtures, results, standings, statistics, news and photo-gallery easily. This option is provided at no cost.

    Canada Basketball National Junior Championships

    Advanced - Greater functionality than the standard option.  Easy to use and built to adapt to your mobile and tablet devices, giving your audience a greater user experience and improving engagement. The pricing of this option is available on request.

    Fedaracion Uruguaya de Basketball

    Elite - Professional level site and premium product, fully customised and made to your specifications. The pricing of this option is available on request.

    British Basketball League