03 October, 2017
14 December
19 Heissler Guillent (VEN)
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Day 7: Heissler wins it at the buzzer for Guaros, host get win in thrilling finish

BAHIA (DIRECTV Liga Sudamericana 2017) – Group C of the DIRECTV Liga Sudamericana opened in Bahia, Brazil, with wins for Guaros de Lara and host Universo/Vitoria.

With a basket over the final buzzer, Heissler Guillent handed Guaros de Lara a 75-73 win over Estudiantes Concordia in the Group C opener. Guaros had the better start, and escaped to a 16-point lead during the first half. With complete dominance on the paint, where they scored 42 points, Estudiantes Concordia started chipping away from the difference and tied the game during the last quarter. Heissler Guillent put on the super hero cape and with a floater over the buzzer, the point guard won the game for the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2017 champions. Jose Vargas led the scoring for the winners with 24 points.

Group C host Universo/Vitora defeated Malvin 70-69, after Murilo Becker scored a free-throw with 2 seconds left of the fourth quarter. The game was even from the start, as both teams shot for a 40% from the field. It came down to the last minutes, as the teams traded baskets for the lead. A foul on Murilo sent him to the free-throw line with less than 5 seconds to play. Murilo scored the first and intentionally missed the second. Time expired and the host took the win. Okorie led the scoring for Universo/Vitoria with 19 points, meanwhile Mazzarino added 20 for Malvin in a losing effort.

Tomorrow on Day 2 of Group C, Malvin will face Guaros and Estudiantes Concordia will play against Universo/Vitoria.