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FIBA Europe Cup Power Rankings: Volume 2
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FIBA Europe Cup Power Rankings: Volume 2

MUNICH (Germany) - FIBA Europe Cup action is in full swing, which also means that our Power Rankings are here to stay, too. We will be checking up on our 32 teams every two weeks, continuing with our second edition.


As if the 0-2 and -50 start to the FIBA Europe Cup was not enough, Kataja also lost their last Finnish League game, and they've done it at home, by 20 points. But hey, as we always say - good thing when you are at the bottom, there is only one way to go. Up.
(Or down)


Just 2-2 in their own domestic league, plus 0-2 in the FIBA Europe Cup, Apoel Nicosia aren't having the best of seasons so far.


Since the start of the season, Kapfenberg Bulls have gone W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L-W in the Austrian League, the Austrian Super Cup and the FIBA Europe Cup. Which means they are about to have another L, which could send them to 0-3 here.


Okay, so we could say that CSU Sibiu were a bit unlucky when they dropped the overtime thriller against CSM CSU Oradea. But going -28 against Cluj-Napoca has nothing to do with luck, and it just speaks volumes about the battles you should follow when Romanian teams meet up in FIBA Europe Cup and their domestic championship, too.


Sodertalje need a win over Balkan this week to snap out of their slump. They won only one of their last five games in all competitions.


Levski - Lukoil keep on putting 100+ points on the scoreboard domestically, but can't connect two straight wins in the Bulgarian League and the FIBA Europe Cup. Running out of time, too, with Tsmoki-Minsk and Kyiv being at 2-0 in their group.


We're only expecting bigger stuff from PVSK-Veolia. Because a team that collects two defeats with a combined -9 points difference is capable of turning stuff around in a hurry and bouncing back from 0-2 all the way to 4-2. Why not?


Yeah, let's not talk about us putting BC Dnipro in the Top 5 two weeks ago, okay? Thanks.


We'll get a clearer picture about Inter Bratislava this week, because it's hard to understand anything from their one-point win over PVSK and a 13-point defeat to Leiden. But against Benfica, away from home, that's where we'll see what they are made of.


Six wins over the last seven games in all competitions for Keravnos. The problem is that everybody is so used to Keravnos winning in the Cypriot League that it's basically no news at all, so we're just focused on their 1-1 record here. Good chance to climb over .500 when Kapfenberg Bulls in town this week.


Remember that ZZ Leiden only lost to Benfica in overtime, and had a 25-12 last quarter against Inter Bratislava to claim a 13-point win. So, in a way, they should've been higher than 22 here. But, they are also a team that lost a game to Den Bosch by 26 over the weekend, allowing 46 points in the third quarter, so they should've been lower than 22, too.


A team that defeats Enisey Krasnoyarsk deserves a top 10 lock, probably. But a team that loses by 12 to Cluj Napoca does not. Which Balkan are you this week, Balkan?


Nothing says FIBA Europe Cup more than Dardan Berisha averaging 31.0 points per game for a 1-1 Sigal Prishtina.


Fribourg Olympic are up against the unbeaten CSM CSU Oradea this week, and it could be the game of the season for them. And it will not be easy, not at all, because you can see how high Oradea are ranked here...


This could've been any Group E team, as Phoenix Brussels are tied for first, second, third and fourth at 1-1. But they are yet to meet the mighty Pinar Karsiyaka, so let's keep them at 18 for now.


At 6-1 in the Dutch League and 1-1 in the FIBA Europe Cup, it's not looking bad for Landstede Hammers Zwolle. Next mission - win a game away from home, and we'll see you in the Top 10.


Legia Warszawa were ranked dead last in the first edition of the Power Rankings, so that 86-55 win over Kataja was like a statement to prove us wrong. Which they did. So here you, climb 16 spots, Legia.


This could've been any Group E team, as Donar Groningen are tied for first, second, third and fourth at 1-1. But they were blown out by 20 in Turkey last week, so let's keep them at 15 for now.


Bakken Bears are 8-2 over their first ten games of the season. In all competitions. But, one of the two defeats came at home to Egis Kormend, which keeps them out of the Top 10 here, because you know how important it is to protect your backyard in international competitions.


We still believe that Bahcesehir College are a better team than their 1-7 record in all competitions this season suggests.


Enisey Krasnoyarsk are out of the Top 10 this week, mainly because of their defeat to Balkan. But they have a good chance to bounce back if they can hand Cluj Napoca their first defeat of the campaign this week.


It was a horrible start to the season for medi Bayreuth with six straight defeats, but it seems that they have figured it out, judging by their 97-89 win over Prishtina, and the 88-74 win over Frankfurt in Frankfurt in the German League. They are likely make it three in a row when Apoel comes to town on Wednesday.


This could've been any Group E team, as Spirou Basket are tied for first, second, third and fourth at 1-1. But they defeated Pinar Karsiyaka, so they deserve a place among the Top 10 here.


Egis Kormend are 2-0 here and 5-1 in the Hungarian League. Can't get much closer to a perfect season than that! A lot of firepower in that team, with your focus on Travis Taylor, who is averaging 13.0 rebounds per game, including 5.0 offensive boards per game, which is just amazing. One man is responsible for five extra possessions. Amazing.


Ironi Ness Ziona are in control of Group B, winning both of their games so far. In fact, Ness Ziona only lost to Hapoel Jerusalem and Maccabi Tel Aviv this season, plus one thriller to Hapoel Beer Sheva, by a single point, so it's safe to say that they are enjoying their time on the floor together.


Five game winning streak sent BC Kyiv Basket all the way to number 7 here! And they have a tough test ahead of them, because their next opponent is ranked...


...just ahead of them. It's Tsmoki-Minsk! Sorry about ranking you so low two weeks ago. But glad that got you going, so looking forward to putting you all the way at the top in two weeks' time.


SL Benfica defeated Mornar in the Basketball Champions League Qualifiers, then went on to win six of their next seven games, collecting a Top 5 ranking here. Just feels so bad that their only defeat in that span was to arch-rivals Porto. Nobody likes losing to Porto. Ever.


U-BT Cluj Napoca are 8-0 this season. Across all events. Nothing to add.


This could've been any Group E team, as Pinar Karsiyaka are tied for first, second, third and fourth at 1-1. But they are also 6-0 in the Turkish League, which happens to be one of the best leagues in all of Europe, so Pinar are most definitely a Top 3 team here. Probably the main favorites to win the competition. Don't tell anyone.


Here, CSM CSU Oradea. Enjoy the reward for your 2-0 start and the fact that you had that big fourth quarter away from home against Bahcesehir College in Turkey!


A seven game winning streak is still alive! Ventspils have deleted their opponents in the Latvian-Estonian League, but what makes the streak even more impressive is the +41 they collected against Bayreuth and away at Apoel. And once a streak like this gets started, it really feels like the champs of the Latvian-Estonian League are the team to beat in the FIBA Europe Cup, too.

*The power rankings are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking systems. All comments are purely those of the author.

Igor Curkovic

Igor Curkovic

Igor Curkovic is a Croatian freelance writer, Live Blog aficionado and meme expert who watches a lot of basketball and brings both the power and the rankings to the FIBA Europe Cup.