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19 April, 2020
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EuroLeague Women All-Time Leaders: Rebounds

MUNICH (Germany) - We're taking a look at the modern history EuroLeague Women all-time rebounders in the second episode of our series, focusing on the array of stars who top the competition's stat charts.

Having already taken a look at the all-time leading scorers, it's now onto those participants who have crashed the glass more than anybody else.

=10. Ewelina KOBRYN - 1,022 rebounds


Birth Date: May 7, 1982
Height: 1.93m (6ft 4in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs
: Lotos Gdynia (POL); Wisla-CANPACK (POL); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS); Perfumerias Avenida (ESP); Fenerbahce (TUR); BLMA (FRA)

Games Played:  188
Statistics: 9.5 PPG, 5.4 REB

Having enjoyed the thrill of being crowned a champion  with UMMC Ekaterinburg back in 2013, the physical presence of Kobryn in the paint has been a constant feature when stepping out with all of the clubs she's suited up with. A popular figure with fans and teammates, she combined her time harvesting rebounds and being a centerpiece for the Polish national team. 

=10. Sonja VASIC - 1,022 rebounds


Birth Date: Feb 18, 1989
Height: 1.89m (6ft 2in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs
: Bourges Basket (FRA); Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (RUS); ZVVZ USK Praha (CZE); Dynamo Kursk (RUS); Spar Citylift Girona (ESP)

Games Played:  189
Statistics: 10.6 PPG, 5.4 REB, 2 AST

If there has been one near guaranteed feature of the competition in the last decade or so, it has been that Vasic will be stepping out at the Final Four. The Serbian standout is a hugely popular figure and consistently played with an array of top clubs on the Continent, famously winning the title back in 2015 with ZVVZ USK Praha, building on when she also took consecutive silverware while at Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje. Throw in her leading role in taking Serbia to that famous and historical gold at the FIBA Women's EuroBasket in 2015, plus their maiden Olympics spot and bronze medal in 2016 and it's clear what a class performer Vasic is.

9. Alena KOVACOVA - 1,043 rebounds


Birth Date: November 10, 1978
Height: 1.90m (6ft 3in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: SCP Ruzomberok (SVK); Gysev Ringa Sopron (HUN); Gambrinus Brno (CZE); Good Angels Kosice (SVK)

Games Played:  211
Statistics: 6.3 PPG, 4.9 REB

The beautifully uncomplicated game of Kovacova provided a major part of the backbone that contributed to a hattrick of European titles. The center became a champion for the first time in 1999 with SCP Ruzomberok and then repeated the feat a year later with the Slovakian giants. She then completed a third title success in 2006 with Gambrinus Brno, once again using her appetite for rebounds to help the team win silverware. She was also a focal point for the Slovak national team, including the side that reached the Semi-Finals of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket in 1999.

8. Dewanna BONNER - 1,105 rebounds


Birth Date: August 21, 1987
Height: 1.93m (6ft 4in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs
: Frisco Sika Brno (CZE); Rivas Ecopolis (ESP); Perfumerias Avenida (ESP); Nadezhda (RUS); ZVVZ USK Praha (CZE); Dynamo Kursk (RUS)

Games Played: 
Statistics: 16.5 PPG, 8.4 REB, 1.5 AST, 1.6 STL

Even if Bonner has not been crowned a EuroLeague Women winner in her career, she has had a huge impact at the various clubs she has represented. Most famously, she catapulted Nadezhda to the Final of the competition in Istanbul in 2016 when they almost completed a massive upset before being pipped by UMMC. The forward is still active and a big contributor, so maybe she can soar even higher in this all-time chart!

7. Delisha MILTON-JONES - 1,325 rebounds


Birth Date: September 11, 1974
Height: 1.91m (6ft 3in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: Lavezzini Parma (ITA); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS); Gambrinus Brno (CZE); Ros Casares (ESP); ZVVZ USK Praha (CZE); Tarsus (TUR)

Games Played: 166
Statistics: 16.3 PPG, 8.0 REB, 1.9 AST, 1.8 STL

The fierce competitive nature of Milton-Jones meant she was always fighting in the paint for rebounds at both ends of the floor. And, considering she was also in the top five all-time list for points, it is testament to what a superb career the two-time champion had in the competition. 

6. Jurgita STREIMIKYTE - 1,340 rebounds


Birth Date: May 14, 1972
Height: 1.90m (6ft 3in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: US Valenciennes Olympic; (FRA) Societa Ginnastica (ITA); Euroleasing Orsi (HUN); TEO Vilnius (LTU); Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (RUS)

Games Played: 194
Statistics: 14.4 PPG, 6.9 REB, 2.2 AST, 1.9 STL

The legend is another player who 'doubles up' in our all-time charts having landed in sixth spot for points scored. It wasn't only her skilled touch and offensive capabilities that led to her success on the floor, since she was a tireless rebounder too. Working hard for her team at all times was just one more trademark of the undisputed best female player to come out of Lithuania. 

5.  Sandrine GRUDA - 1,405 rebounds


Birth Date: June 25, 1987
Height: 1.93m (6ft 4in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: US Valenciennes Olympic (FRA); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS); Fenerbahce (TUR); Famila Schio (ITA)

Games Played:  226
Statistics: 13.1 PPG, 6.2 REB, 1.2 AST

Already featuring in the top three of the all-time list for points scored, the measure of just how effective and impressive Gruda has been at the top level, and for how long, is summed up by the fact that she is also riding high in this chart. Adding to her tally with Famila Schio of late, the French ace is still rolling strong and will be looking to add to her ever growing tally of boards.

4. Elodie GODIN - 1,423 rebounds


Birth Date: July 5, 1985
Height: 1.92m (6ft 3in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: Bourges Basket (FRA); US Valenciennes Olympic (FRA); ZVVZ USK Praha (CZE); Cras Basket Taranto (ITA); Famila Schio (ITA); BLMA (FRA)

Games Played: 214
Statistics: 7.3 PPG, 6.6 REB, 1.6 AST

The French center is still hitting the hardwood in the tournament with Bourges Basket and it's so impressive that she is in the top four of this all-time list. Whether she can break into the top three will of course depend on whether she keeps playing and for how long. Godin is still waiting for her first title, but there is no denying she has been a massive contributor to the competition and her renowned defense was also always previously  on show with the French national team, where she excelled and won FIBA Women's EuroBasket gold in 2009, as well as becoming an Olympian in 2012.

3. Margo DYDEK- 1,483 rebounds


Birth Date: April 28, 1974
Height: 2.13m (7ft 0in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: Pool Getafe (ESP); Lotos VBW Clima (POL); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS); Ros Casares (ESP)

Games Played: 167
Statistics: 13.4 PPG, 8.9 REB,1.5 AST, 1.5 BLK

An absolute colossus of the women's game, Dydek, who sadly passed away at the age of 37 years old, was inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame last year and was awarded the Polish Cross of Merit by the government of her homeland. The center was a WNBA first round draft pick and showed why as she went on to be twice named an All-Star and led the WNBA in blocks for a staggering 8 seasons. In EuroLeague Women, she reached the Final twice with her beloved Gdynia team, while she was also central to Poland's historic gold medal at the FIBA Women's EuroBasket 1999.

2. Maria STEPANOVA - 1,801 rebounds


Birth Date: February 23, 1979
Height: 2.02m (6ft 8in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs: Force Majeure (RUS); CSKA Moscow (RUS); Gambrinus Brno (CZE); Mizo Pecsi VSK (HUN); VBM-SGAU (RUS); BC Volgaburmash (RUS); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS)

Games Played: 226
Statistics: 11.2 PPG, 8.0 REB, 1.0 AST, 1.2 BLK

The double champion was also in the all-time top six for points scored and this emphasizes the impact that one of the great European players has had. When she was not blocking shots or killing her defenders inside, the Russian center was  helping her teams to control games by gobbling up precious rebounds on both ends of the floor.

1. Ann WAUTERS - 1,876 rebounds


Birth Date: October 12, 1980
Height: 1.95m (6ft 5in)

EuroLeague Women Clubs
: US Valenciennes Olympic; (FRA) VBM-SGAU (RUS), BC Volgaburmash / CSKA Moscow (RUS); UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS); Ros Casares (ESP); Galatasaray (TUR); Castors Braine (BEL); Yakin Dogu Universitesi (TUR)

Games Played: 271
Statistics: 13.9 PPG, 6.9 REB, 1.5 AST

It's testament to the legendary status of Wauters that she is not only top of the list for points scored, but also racks up the stunning accomplishment of repeating the feat in this category of rebounding too. To head up the list in both underlines how dominant the three-time champion has been in the competition down the years and also the longevity and durability she has shown. It's little wonder she used to be an ever-present in the All-Star Games that took place.