26 September, 2017
22 April, 2018
55 Theresa Plaisance (CCC), 77 Alysha Clark (CCC), 14 Magdalena Anna Leciejewska (CCC) | Photo: CCC Polkowice/Sebastian Stankewicz
Game Report
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CCC Polkowice ease into the EuroLeague Women Regular Season

POLKOWICE (EuroLeague Women) - CCC Polkowice have stamped their pass to the EuroLeague Women Regular Season after completing a 76-60 win against Piestanske Cajky in the second leg of the Qualifiers.

Turning Point: As soon as CCC raced out of the blocks and plundered a productive 30 points in the opening period, the tie was effectively over as they extended their advantage from the first leg to as many as 39.

Stats Don't Lie: Piestanske Cajky over-relied on their downtown game and jacked up a massive 25 attempts, but it only harvested a 20 percent return.

Game Hero: Theresa Plaisance continued her great early season form with 12 points and 6 rebounds. While Elina Dikeoulakou didn't have the greatest shooting night, she did dish up 7 assists for the winning side.

The Bottom Line: CCC Polkowice always looked the side with the most experience and quality on paper and it proved across the two matchups. However, Piestanske Cajky did have some injuries and will have the consolation of moving into EuroCup Women. Polkowice march into the EuroLeague Women Regular Season with confidence, but will be aware they will face much better opponents in coming months.

They Said: "I'm very happy for my players, for all of them. We've had a some difficult weeks, with new players coming in every five days, whom we had to teach our rules, our plays, everything. It's really difficult for us but when the game started, we were very concentrated on our game." - Polkowice head coach George Dikeoulakos.