17 February, 2020
23 February, 2021
Test your EuroBasket knowledge: Italy edition
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Test your EuroBasket knowledge: Italy edition

MUNICH (Germany) - With no basketball games taking place at the moment, this seems to be a good time for you to stay at home and play a game. For instance, a trivia game about the history of FIBA EuroBasket.

This time around, we are testing your knowledge about Italian basketball over the past 20 years. Two time FIBA EuroBasket winners had one of the craziest runs of the century to finish on the podium in 2003, avoiding elimination in the group stage to go all the way to third place on the final day of competition. Italy have been flirting with the Semi-Finals since, and will search for better luck in 2022.

The quiz is not timed, and you have 10 questions to get as many points as you can.