17 February, 2020
23 February, 2021
Test your EuroBasket knowledge: Germany edition
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Test your EuroBasket knowledge: Germany edition

MUNICH (Germany) - With basketball slowly coming back, this seems to be a good time for you to stay safe and play a game. For instance, a trivia game about the history of FIBA EuroBasket.

This time around, we are testing your knowledge about German basketball. Once considered a one-hit wonder with their FIBA EuroBasket 1993 triumph, then later a one-man band with Dirk Nowitzki, Germany grew with each passing competition to become a legit elite eight team and a potential medal contender with the likes of Dennis Schroder, Maxi Kleber, Daniel Theis and others taking over.

The quiz is not timed, and you have 10 questions to get as many points as you can.