14 - 22
November 2020
FIBA esports Open 2020 - Best of First Edition
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FIBA Esports Open II will host 12 Americas teams, players with a dream to represent their country

Miami (UNTED STATES) - The FIBA Esports Open II will host 12 National federations from the Americas in the months of November and December.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the processes of this virtual format, encouraging national federations to venture into the world of esports. After a successful inauguration, the second season takes place with 6 conferences, as twice as many national teams will participate.

Rami Ellero, the captain of the reigning champions Argentine team, started playing virtually in 2016 after having played basketball on a court since he was 4 years old. "This is something new for some, others may already know it, but people will have to get to know it because esports are part of the future. For us it is a dream. Any child in the world would like to represent their country in a virtual game."

"We deserved the position we got. The objective now is to win again, and we are in a position to do so," said Ellero.

The Americas conferences, which will participate from December 19-20, will be divided into two. The representatives of North and Central America are Canada, Costa, Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico and the United States. The South America Conference hosts Argentina, along with Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Héctor Ortíz will be the captain of the first esports Selection of Honduras, and hopes his participation will provide growth of this sporting branch in his country. "We are honored to represent a generation that loves basketball. We find in this virtual initiative, the same emotion with which we have represented Honduras in face-to-face tournaments. We are prepared thanks to the support of our national federation. And we are convinced that the experience will be exciting at a time when sports must find ways to expand using technology."

The national federations are already holding preparation games between their national teams prior to their official participation.

Wady Tactuk will be the captain of the Dominican Republic National Team in the esports debut, and for him it is an honor to be able to wear his country's colors for the first time. The center, born in New Jersey, but of Dominican parents, also plays for the Los Angeles Lakers "Lakers Gamming" team in the NBA2K League.

"This means a lot to me and my family. My grandmother was excited when she found out that I would play for the Dominican Republic. They have supported me a lot in esports, being the captain is an honor and I am proud." He added, "The future of the 2K is very great and it will attract many fans."
"The first FIBA esports Open was an important milestone. The growing interest from our national federations is a motivation for FIBA to further develop the sport electronically. We are excited about this second edition, with the strategic objective of expanding the FIBA family," said FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis.

The game mode is 5 against 5, NBA2K21 Pro-AM mode is played remotely allowing customization of players, uniforms and court designs.

The event will be broadcast via streaming on the FIBA channels on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Finals will be held at all conferences, in a best-of-three format.