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August Pitzl (República de Austria)
Nacido en diciembre 17, 1920, en Vienna, Austria.
Passed away on enero 25, 2000, at the age of 79.
República de Austria

Consagrado como un colaborador en el Salón de la Fama FIBA en marzo 01, 2007.


  • Economist: Vienna University of Economics
  • Selected for a future Track & Field Austrian National Team that was supposed to compete in a 1940 edition of the Olympic Games that never took place due to the Second World Ward
  • In 1939, when the Second World Ward erupted, August Pitzl and his class had to finish school quickly in order to be able to serve the German army; Pitzl chose to be part of the mountain troops since he had done a lot of mountaineering and hiking before the beginning of the war
  • In 1945, after the Second World Ward had come to an end, Mr. Pitzl found himself as an American prisoner of war and was asked to help as an interpreter. This is when he saw, for the very first time, a new game that immediately kept his attention: basketball
  • Director of the Austrian Customs Authority in Vienna: since 1946 and for over 40 years
  • Co-Founder of the basketball section of the club Union Rudolfsheim in Vienna: 1946
  • Player of the Austrian League, with Union Rudolfsheim, for 22 years: 1946-1968
  • Financial Manager of the Viennese Basketball Association
  • Member of the Finance Commission of the Austrian Basketball Federation: since 1960
  • Technical Commissioner of FIBA: since 1965
  • President of the Austrian Basketball Federation: 1968-1986.
  • Member of the Finance Commission of FIBA: since 1973
  • Vice Treasurer of FIBA: 1980-1984
  • Treasurer of FIBA: 1984-1994
  • Member of the FIBA Central Board
  • Mr. Piztl continued to play basketball until he was 73 years old! 

Distinciones y Reconocimientos

  • FIBA Order of Merit: 1997