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8 Founding Federations Federations (Confederación Suiza)
Nacido en junio 18, 1932, en Geneve.
Confederación Suiza

Consagrado como un colaborador en el Salón de la Fama FIBA en marzo 01, 2007.


FIBA was founded on 18th June 1932 in Geneve by 8 national basketball federations. On that same date the first by-laws of the International Basketball Federation and a unified set of playing rules were approved. The founding document was signed by the following representatives of the 8 national federations:

  • Attilio PONISIO (Argentina)
  • Simeon MAVROSKOUFIS (Greece)
  • Count Giorgio ASINARI DI SAN MARZANO (Italy)
  • Joseph SHADEIKO (Latvia)
  • Henry BRANDT (Portugal)
  • D.D. TEICA (Romania)
  • Léon BOUFFARD (Switzerland)
  • Ladilslav KAPUCIAN (Czechoslovakia)