21 - 29
July 2018
New U17 World Cup trophies celebrate talent, energy and emotions of future stars
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New FIBA U17 Basketball World Cups trophies celebrate talent, energy and emotions of future stars

MIES, Switzerland (FIBA U17 Basketball World Cups for Men and Women 2018) - With 17 days to go to the start of the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup, new trophies have been unveiled for it and its sister event, the FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup.

The two prizes celebrate the new, raw and true talents of the competitions and the players - who represent the future of the game - as well as their energy and emotions.

The similarities between the trophies and players are striking. The trophies are the result of rocks being shaped into prizes with unique, abstract and geometrically pleasing features with different shapes and angles. The players are the diamonds in the rough whose raw talents are being chiseled away by the competitions and slowly transforming them into world class athletes.

The re-design of the U17 trophies is another step in the process of enhancing the brand and position of FIBA's competitions which began last year with the revamping of the FIBA Basketball World Cup and Continental Cups trophies.

The top 16 teams from around the globe will compete in the U17 World Cups. The action begins with the men's tournament taking place in Rosario and Santa Fe, Argentina, from June 30-July 8. It will then be the women's turn as they compete in Minsk, Belarus, from July 22-30.