03 October, 2023
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France star Warnocks: "I want to prove I belong in NBA 2K League"

PARIS (France) - It wouldn't be wrong to suggest that eFIBA star Yacine Jemel, aka "Warnocks," is about to have the experience of a lifetime.

The 24-year-old Parisian, the 12th pick in the NBA 2K League Draft by Dux Infinitos, will very soon depart for America for a six-month stay.

Warnocks led France to the eFIBA Final, where they played a thrilling series against the USA.

The Americans won, but Warnocks and France heard a lot of praise for their performance.

"If it wasn’t for eFIBA, I wouldn't be there (NBA 2K League) right now," he said.

He loved the experience.

Warnocks, second on the left, with his friends from the National Team

"For us to be wearing our France shirts during the eFIBA," he said, "and when we sang our national anthem, it was crazy … that was something meaningful for me and my friends."

Warnocks received a lot of exposure by facing the USA in the Final.

"Team USA has five of the players in the 2K league, and champions, and everybody was watching them and us," he said.

Warnocks will move to Washington D.C. to play with his Dux Infinitos team. He says the season should tip off at the end of February.

It means for the next half year, he'll take a break from his public sector IT job. He received his bosses’ blessing to go and try the NBA 2K League for the six months.

"Everybody is excited for me," he said. "My girlfriend, too, although she's the hardest to leave. But family, friends … they all love it."

Even so, some aspects of his move are unknown. His visa application is still being processed and so far, he is not sure of his lodgings.

"I don't even know if I have my own room," he said.

Warnocks is not going to America to put his feet up and relax.

"That was my dream (to play NBA 2K),” he said. "I want to go there and play for my country first, and play for my team. I'm bringing the energy as a European. I want to go there and stay there. I want to prove I belong and we (Europeans) belong.”

 There should be some time to at least have a look around Washington DC, one of the best places for Americans and foreigners alike because of the history and all the monuments and museums to visit.

"I was there (the USA) in in June," he said. "I did a road trip - Los Angels in June, LA, Las Vegas and New York, every big town. I want to experience it for more than one month.

"To be there for six months, it will be a big boost for my language, my English.

"I want to go to the White House like everyone. I'm really about the game but I don't mind then doing then tourist thing."