20 January
30 April, 2021
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Two women officiated Sao Paulo vs. Flamengo BCLAmericas Semi-Finals matchup, making Basketball Champions League history

MANAGUA (Nicaragua) - For the first time in Basketball Champions League History two female referees, Andreia Regina Silva (Brazil) and Virginia Peruchini (Argentina), officiated a game together, as São Paulo faced Flamengo in a BCLAmericas Semi-final duel. This further developed one of FIBA’s important pillars, to elevate women’s basketball at all levels.

"It is an honor, and a huge pleasure, not only for us, but as women on the field. We are here because we have done a very strong and professional job for a long time. We have enormous support both from FIBA ​​and BCLA, and from our colleagues. We are just one more referee. Whether we have short hair or long hair, we are part of a referee team," said Peruchini.

The Basketball Champions League Americas Finals are being held in Managua, Nicaragua. The best eight teams from four different countries battle it out in competition in hopes of being crowned a champion. Now entering the Semi-Finals stage, the games will only get tougher for the players and officials.


"It is a great responsibility to officiate this Semi-Final. I know both teams, they are two top teams in the Brazilian National League.  We are very grateful to the BCLA for this opportunity," said Andreia Regina Silva.