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22 November, 2021
28 February, 2023
14 Gustavo Ayon (MEX)
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Mexico announces pre-selection roster ahead of Americas Qualifiers

Miami (United States) – Mexico head coach Omar Quintero has selected 24 players in pre-selection, 14 of those will make the final roster and travel to the Chihuahua bubble for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup Americas Qualifiers on November 21 and begin preparation for games against Puerto Rico and the United States in Group D play on November 28 and 29.

Mexico has made five appearances in the FIBA World Cup, the latest was in 2014 in Spain where they advanced to the Round of 16. In the 2019 World Cup Qualifiers they finished ninth.

The pre-selection roster is a mix of veteran players with international experience as well as players making their first appearance on the men’s senior national team. There will be some familiar faces like Gustavo Ayon and fans will also be able to see some of the country’s best in Alex Perez, Juan Toscano, Paul Stoll and Lucas Martinez all in uniform alongside a group of young and talented players led by Gael Bonilla and Jesus Ochoa.


“To form a quality team is what we are looking for in training, even with the difficulties involved in playing when some leagues in the world are ongoing. The return of Alex Perez is something that many people expected and, without a doubt, having a young talent like Gael (Bonilla) is very important for the development we are looking for with the national team, in which we always want to have a good mix of veterans and young talent together. " Quintero said in a statement announcing the pre-selection list.

Mexico pre-selection roster:

Gustavo Ayon (Arecibo – Puerto Rico), Alex Perez (Turk Telecom – Turkey), Jorge Gutierrez (Astros de Jalisco– Mexico), Marco Ramos (Astros de Jalisco– Mexico), Orlando Mendez (Mineros of LNBP – Mexico), Juan Toscano (Golden State Warriors – NBA), Lucas Martinez (Soles de Mexicali – Mexico), Irwin Avalos (Libertadores de Querétaro – Mexico), Paco Cruz (Tofaş – Turkey), Diego Willis (Stephen F. Austin – USA college), Esteban Roacho (Panola – USA college), Paul Stoll (Metropolitans 92 – France), Fabian Jaimes (Mexico City Capitanes – NBA G-League), Edgar Garibay (Lenadores de Durango – Mexico), Moises Andriassi (Mexico City Capitanes – NBA G-League), Josue Lara (Soles de Mexicali – Mexico), Daniel Amigo (Soles de Mexicali – Mexico), Israel Gutierrez (Astros de Jalisco– Mexico), Jorge Camacho (Libertadores de Querétaro- Mexico), Gael Bonilla (FC Barcelona II – Spain), Jesus Ochoa, Jonatan Machado (Astros de Jalisco– Mexico), Gabriel Giron (Dorados de Chihuahua – Mexico), Kohl Meyer (Lenadores de Durango – Mexico).

Quintero who has experience with the national team as a player and a coach has constructed a staff made up of Kaleb Canales, Gustavo Quintero and Javier Monferrer who will lead Mexico into qualifying first on November 28 versus Puerto Rico and the following day against the United States with the goal of being one of the seven countries to advance out of 16 Americas teams to the 2023 FIBA World Cup in Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.