31 August, 2019
15 September
PCC in Beijing Referee
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World Cup referees gear up for tournament at pre-competition camp in Beijing

BEIJING (China) - The 32 teams getting ready to take part in their first-ever FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China are not the only key figures in the tournament preparing for the big event.

Fifty-six referees from 42 countries set to make all the calls at the hoops extravaganza have also been put through their paces at a five-day pre-competition camp (PCC) in Beijing. 

Referees were trained and consulted by experts in refereeing, basketball, nutrition, fitness and psychology. The PCC included instant replay system training which will be used for any replay situation review during the games.

FIBA's head of refereeing, Carl Jungebrand, says  "It is fantastic to have a replay system that generates opportunities to review any referees’ decision in 8 different angles in real-time. This concept has proven to set the highest standard for reviewing the referee's performance in order to have a full picture and be able to make the best decision possible during all games."

In addition to adapting to what for many is a different time zone, officials focused on a myriad of aspects. They analyzed specific game situations and their resolution, studied the playing styles of participating teams and improved communication between themselves. They worked on perfecting individual officiating techniques, and teamwork. 

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis visited the PCC and during an address to participants, wished the referees well and encouraged them to “perform to the maximum of their abilities in this historical basketball event”.

On August 30, all game officials will depart for their respective venues in the eight host cities of the World Cup, to get ready to the open tip-offs.