3 Mihailo Vasic (SRB)

10 crazy stats from the 9 FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters

BEIJING (FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018) – It was the very best of 3x3 – epic, insane and ridiculous. The World Tour had it all and ahead of the Bloomage Beijing Final, we look at 10 crazy stats from the nine Masters.

Most Dunks: Karlis Lasmanis (10); Amsterdam Inoxdeals (13 dunks from 18 games)

To nobody’s surprise, Karlis Lasmanis was the leading dunker on the World Tour with 10 rim-shattering slams. The Latvian star took off on flight KLM and meant business like the front of the plane. Riga Ghetto had 11 dunks in total on the World Tour, Lasmanis had 10 of them.

But the team with the highest percentage of slams was Amsterdam Inoxdeals, averaging almost one a game. Jesper Jobse and Dimeo van der Horst dunked it home 10 times combined, not a surprise coming from the country of windmills.

Stefan Stojacic: Leading points (248), rebounds (172), Shooting Value (151.3), highlights (100)

Mr Robot is so hot right now that his wiring is about to melt! Sure, Liman Tesla Voda played clearly the most games on the World Tour this season with 37 but Mr Robot still deserves his own category topping a number of stats, including points, rebounds and highlights.

Mr Robot can do everything on the 3x3 court, like a NBA2K gamer with a cheat code.

Best Two-Point Percentage (min 50 shots):  Dusan Bulut (42 %)

Memo to defenders: don’t leave Mr Bullutproof open from behind the arc. He has more range than Sam Smith and nailed a ridiculous 42% from downtown – the highest percentage for more than 50 shots attempted.

And it wasn’t just easy buckets either. Oh, no. Mr Bullutproof drained twos when the game was on the line with his ball resembling a dagger when released from his fingertips.

Team’s Shooting Value: Liman Tesla Voda (445.9)

I know, I know. Liman’s stats are inflated due to games played but their shooting value is nonetheless ridiculous and one of the reasons why they are the new No.1 team in the world. Their great rivals Novi Sad Al Wahda’s shooting value was 345.8.

Team’s Free-Throw Percentage: Novi Sad Al Wahda (75%)

Novi Sad are so dope that it is not a good idea to give them free points. Try not to foul them, understand? Because the Serbian masters don’t miss very often from the stripe. Their bag of tricks leads to fouls and Novi Sad attempted 135 free throws and made 101. In comparison, Liman were 61% from 151 attempts and Piran 55% from 74.

Team’s Two-Point Percentage: Saskatoon (33%)

It shouldn’t surprise to see the Canadians out in front here. They have a team of snipers led by Steve Sir, who can splash deeper than the Grand Canyon.  

Saskatoon shot 42 from 129 in the World Tour, while Novi Sad’s percentage was 30% and Liman’s 27%. The two ball always gives them a chance to win games and they loom as a dark horse in Beijing.

Best Rebounding Team – Riga Ghetto (20 avg per game)

Riga are beasts in the paint. One of the keys for the Latvians is their ability to dominate the boards led by Agnis Cavars who is 3x3’s Dennis Rodman on the glass – not in partying, hopefully! He pulled down 132 rebounds at a ridiculous average of 6.6 per game.

Probably also due to their high pace and good defense, Riga averaged 20 per game ahead of Liman Tesla Voda and Piran at just under 18.

Best One-Point Percentage:  Liman Tesla Voda (67%)

Novi Sad Al Wahda might edge them from deep, but no one can match big boys Liman Tesla Voda. When they get it inside, there is a good chance it will be money. They have the highest percentage of one pointers led by Mihailo Vasic at 71% and Aleksandar Ratkov at 67%.

Highlights: Dominique Jones aka Disco Domo (29 from 7 games)

No one sauces like Disco Domo, who is the David Blaine of 3x3. There is no more entertaining player that the NY Harlem 3BALL USA star, who can flat out embarrass defenders with his sick handles, dance moves and pretty jumpers.

He averaged a ridiculous four highlights a game. Quick arithmetic - that is a highlight every 2.5 minutes! You get your money’s worth watching Disco Domo but unfortunately he won’t be in Beijing with NY Harlem just missing out.

Most Individual Points In a Game: Andre Stefanelli Martins (16 points), Rio de Janeiro v Villa Maria, Mexico City Masters

Ten points in 3x3 is the equivalent of about 50 in an NBA game. So imagine hitting 16? Well, André Stefanelli Martins did exactly that at the Mexico City Masters in the highest scoring performance of the World Tour.

Making it even more ridiculous was that all his points came from deep! He was 8-13 from 2 – the defenders acted like they forgot about Dre.

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