27 - 29
October 2018

Can Lipek make history at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Bloomage Beijing Final Dunk Contest?

BEIJING (FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018) – The Polish pro dunker has gone 5-0 in FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final history. But his 2 rivals in China might be the biggest challenge he’s had in years.

Rafal 'Lipek' Lipinski

The five-time World Tour Dunk champion from Poland is out of this world. This is what I’m talking about – Lipek can reverse flush over a brave participant – only the participant is standing on a chair!

He can pull off 720s, 540s and 360s between the legs, and he loves throwing down the windmill jam – sometimes over three or more spectators!

He’s not all power, brute strength and hops. Lipinski loves crafting dunks and there is an artistry about his work. Watch out for his sick one-handed 360 off the sideboard – it’s creative and brutal.

Plus there’s no one in the business who better interacts with a crowd. Give the man an Academy Award already. 


Vadim ‘Miller’ Poddubchenko

If the Ukrainian wasn’t destroying rims for a living, he would probably be a professional daredevil. He mixes raw power, crazy athleticism and creativity to pull off dunks that should not be humanly possible.

He’s so dope that Miller can flush with his eyes closed. He has more bounce than a tumble dryer and can pull off dunks through the legs that makes Vince Carter’s original look like an 8.

Keep an eye out for his vicious reverse throwdown off the bounce, one of his favorites.

When it’s Miller Time, Vadim Poddubchenko can do the impossible with the ball in his hand.


Yixun Z

He may be up against two of the greats but local favorite Yixun Z will get plenty of support from the fans, who will make more noise than a honeymoon.

At the Chengdu Masters, Yixun gave Miller all he could handle with an epic battle royale. He pulled off arguably the dunk of the contest with a ridiculous reverse dunk over five spectators – as if he had springs in his shoes.

Yixun Z is the underdog but if he can pull off an upset then he will become bigger than the Great Wall of China.

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