28 June
03 July, 2017

Skills Contest

Participants: Up to 1 player per team (women only)

Qualifier - Day 2 - 12.30pm (GMT+8):

: A time limit of 45 seconds is applied. The player (can choose side) is standing at the starting line, after the "Go", she must hit Corner Shot, dribble through a slalom trough 4 cones, make a straight pass into a target, dribble through another slalom with 2 balls forward and then backwards, do a straight pass, dribble through the slalom and score the basket. The 4 fastest women qualify for the knock-out round, which consists of a semi-final, a bronze-medal round and a final. In case of a tie, the tied players do the same run again.

Spain Aina Ayuso 24,10
Andorra Laua Bueno 36,15
venezuela Guadalupe Diaz 38,56
Egypt Raneem Elbarky 34,65
Austria Lana Hollingsworth 36,91
China Dong Keer 34,41
France Ines Leblanc 31,97
Singapore Joanne Lim 36,72
Russia Elena Mikhailova 37,85
Italy Camilla Mingardo 37,31
Switzerland Dahlia Miranda 29,35
Netherlands Lindsay Pengel 29,57
Hungary Boróka Révész 35,84
Czech Republic Anna Rosecká 35,87
Japan Rena Takahashi 35,34
Argentina Josefina Torruella 29,07
USA Aquira De Costa 27,72

The four players with the best time qualify for the Final. In case of draw, these players will compete again.

Finals - Day 4 - 5:25pm (GMT+8):

Format: Same as for the qualifications (best player from the qualification against 4th best and 2nd best against 3rd best) but this time head to head.

Aina Ayuso (ESP) v Dahlia Miranda (SUI)
Josefina Torruella (ARG) v Aquira De Costa (USA)

Medals: The winner of the final earns the gold medal, the final runner-up wins silver and the bronze-medal round winner strikes bronze.

GOLD Switzerland Dahlia Miranda
SILVER Argentina Josefina Torruella
BRONZE USA Aquira De Costa
4th position Spain Aina Ayuso