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24 - 29
September 2019
FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2019 official logo revealed
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FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2019 official logo revealed

BENGALURU (FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2019) - The official logo for the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2019 has been revealed in the lead up to the competition, which will be held later this month in Bengaluru, India.

The concept behind the design of the official logo took into consideration what the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2019 truly represents. The logo is designed in the shape of a lotus, the national flower of India. The lotus has a sacred status in Indian culture and the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup is hoping to make a big impact  within the basketball culture this month.


The vibrant color scheme for the design also reflects the lively way of living in India, borrowing the symbolism behind the main colors from the Indian flag, the Tiranga. The sacred color of saffron represents courage and selflessness. Prosperity is portrayed in green, while white stands for honesty, purity, and peace. All of the three colors are represented in the logo, as they represent the qualities of the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup athletes.

The FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2019 will take place from 24-29 September, 2019.

Eight Division A teams will battle for the cup and bragging rights in Asia, as well as ensuring they avoid relegation to Division B. The teams that remain in Division A after the results of the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup will all inch a  littlecloser to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as they will get a chance to play at the FIBA Pre-Olympic Qualifiers held in November.

The participating teams will be divided into two groups (A & B), of four teams each. Each team will play all teams in its own group, a total of three games for each team.

Following the Group phase, the second-placed and third-placed teams in each group will play in the Qualification to Semi-Finals games. Meanwhile, the top team from each group will advance directly to the Semi-Finals.

The two teams to finish at the bottom of their respective groups will play against each other in a classification game to determine which team will retain their Division A status.