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Zoran Visic (IND)
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Zoran Visic aims to guide India back into Division A in Asia Women's Basketball

BENGALURU (FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2017) - India have a new coach for their women's national team, and he is wasting no time in preparing for the team's emphatic return to Division A.

61-year-old Serbian Zoran Visic was recently appointed new head coach of the Indian women's national team, and his term already started on the 1st of June. He will helm the squad as they host the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2017 from 23 to 29 July in Bengaluru and during their preparation games at the William Jones Cup in Chinese Taipei from 5 to 9 July.

India are hoping to have a very strong showing in the FIBA Women's Asia Cup, and they are targeting no less than the top place in Division B, which will enable them to reclaim their place in Division A. In the 2015 edition of the tournament, India went winless in Level I and were dealt an upset in the Qualifying Round by the Philippines, 82-76. This bumped the Indians down to Division B, and, for sure, they are raring to make their triumphant return to the top level.

"India has done a lot to improve in both the women’s and men’s sides," Visic said. "We are now in Division B. So for sure our target is to be once again in Division A."

Visic's appointment was announced by Basketball Federation of India (BFI) President K Govindaraj, who was accompanied by BFI Secretary General Chander Mukhi Sharma.

Experienced national team coaches Paramdeep Singh and Shiba Maggon have been handling the national squad's training sessions for the past couple of months, and they will serve as Visic's assistants at the Jones Cup and FIBA Women's Asia Cup.

"This is a new age for Indian basketball, and I believe the girls have the confidence and pride necessary to deliver a good result."Zoran VisicZoran Visic

India are placed in Group A of Division B at the FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2017 together with Uzbekistan and fellow South Asian team, Sri Lanka. American Samoa were supposed to be the fourth team in the group, but the Oceania side has since backed out. Placed in Group B are Lebanon, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Fiji. In order to return to Division A for the next FIBA Women’s Asia Cup, India will have to win Division B, finishing ahead of all the other seven teams.