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Polynesia Cup logo reflects the Pacific islands characteristics

SAMOA (Polynesian Cup) - The official logo of the Polynesian Cup embodies the character of the region.

The Samoa Basketball Federation designed the logo to commemorate the first Polynesian Cup that will officially serve as the qualifiers to the 2019 Pacific Games.

The logo consists of three characters that represent the three core parts of the Pacific Islands namely, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

With the Pacific Islands surrounded by pristine beaches and natural landscapes formed by nature, the three colors illustrate the mountains (dark green), rivers (baby blue), grasses (light green) and the sun (orange).

The regional tournament will be held in Apia, Samoa on November 19-24.

Click the links below for the event website of the Men's and Women's competition.

The games for both the Men's and Women's competition will be live via FIBA's Youtube channel.