All time Medalists

Results of the 10 editions of "FIBA Polynesian Basketball Cup"

Year Dates Event Name Location
2018 5 Apr. to
15 Apr.
Commonwealth Games Gold Coast
2018 16 Jul. to
24 Jul.
Micronesian Games: Tournament for Men Yap
(Federated States of Micronesia)
2018 19 Nov. to
24 Nov.
FIBA Polynesian Basketball Cup Apia
2017 27 Sep. to
30 Sep.
FIBA Melanesian Basketball Cup Port Moresby
(Papua New Guinea)
Papua New Guinea New Caledonia Fiji
2015 4 Jul. to
18 Jul.
Pacific Ocean Games: Tournament for Men Port Moresby
(Papua New Guinea)
2011 27 Aug. to
13 Sep.
Pacific Ocean Games: Tournament for Men Noumea
(New Caledonia)
2009 21 Sep. to
2 Oct.
South Pacific Mini-Games Cook Islands
2007 24 Aug. to
7 Sep.
South Pacific Games: Tournament for Men Apia
2006 1 Jul. to
7 Jul.
Micronesian Games Saipan
(Northern Mariana Islands)
1999 31 May. to
11 Jun.
South Pacific Games Basketball Tournament for Men Guam Samoa Guam New Caledonia