Player Profile & Statistics
Fangyu Zhu
Fangyu ZHU (China)
FDN: 1/5/1983
Lugar de nacimiento: - (China)
Altura: 200cm/6'7"
Peso: 100kg/220lbs
Posición: Alero
Estadísticas principales
Puntos por juego 8
Rebotes por juego 3.2
Asistencias por juego 1.2
 Perfil del Jugador
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Career: Guangdong (China-CBA, 2000-08).

In 2000, Zhu Fangyu played in the CBA as a member of the Guangdong Hong Yuan basketball club. The next year, he became the small forward of the Chinese National Basketball Team at the age of 18. Zhu’s height is two meters and he is a tremendous leaper. He is very smart, a good defensive player and possesses solid basic skills. His three-pointers and offensive rebounds make life very difficult for those unlucky opponents who have to guard him. Zhu, who averaged 11.2 points per game at the 2006 FIBA World Championship, was this year voted as the CBA’s Most Valuable Player after leading Guangdong to the title. Some people were surprised at Zhu’s ability to shoot from long range this season but he wasn’t. "It's nothing strange," he said. "While I was playing in the reserve team (of Guangdong), I played on the interior all the time. I was quite tall at that time so there was no need to shoot from long range."

 Competición   PPJ   RPJ   APJ 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2013  8.1  3   1.6 
 Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2012  4.2  0.8   0.2 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2011  7.5  3.8   2.5 
 London Invitational Tournament 2011  3.5  3   0.5 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2009  9.1  2.8   1.6 
 FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Men 2008  4.5  2.5   1.5 
 Olympic Games: Tournament Men 2008  8  3.2   1.2 
 Stankovic Continental Champions Cup 2006  10.7  2.7   2 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  9  1.8   1.7 
 Stankovic Continental Champions Cup 2005  11.2  2.8   0.8 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2005  13.3  0   0 
 FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Men 2004  9.7  1.7   0.3 
 Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2004  5.9  2.6   0.9 
 World Championship for Men 2002  4.6  2   0.5 

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